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West pushes Armenia into abyss under guise of 'security guarantee'

2 April 2024 18:20 (UTC+04:00)
West pushes Armenia into abyss under guise of 'security guarantee'
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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The Armenian armed forces resorted to further military provocations and fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani army from the direction of Nakhchivan in the last evening. It should be noted that before the Patriotic War in 2020, Armenia first launched an armed provocation in the direction of Tovuz region of Azerbaijan. This time, our positions came under fire from the direction of Nakhchivan.

In general, in recent days, Armenia's hasty preparation for the tripartite meeting with the United States and the European Union, which will be organized in Brussels, have started to have its impact on the border as well. As we know, for several days now, the Armenian side has been gathering its military armored vehicles to the border areas with Azerbaijan. At the same time, fake information about the alleged armed provocation of Azerbaijan against Armenia by the Ministry of Defense of Armenia was included in the agenda. However, with the available facts, as well as with the confirmation of the European Union Mission, the information turned out to be false.

So, while Yerevan tried to prepare a provocation in an attempt to portray Azerbaijan as a provocateur, its plan was botched following the West's response regarding recent moves on the border.

The point is that if we compare the military potential of Armenia with Azerbaijan in these provocations, it is unrealistic that Armenia can attack and occupy the territory of Azerbaijan by any means. However, Armenia blindly agrees to this provocation. It is clear that there are parties here that push Armenia to provocation.

Speaking to Azernews, military expert Adalat Verdiyev who commented on the issue, said that Armenia aims to accuse Azerbaijan of trying to open the Zangazur Corridor with aggression.

"It is no coincidence that the Armenian side violated the ceasefire in the direction of Nakhchivan. Armenia’s main goal is to drag the Azerbaijani army into provocations and then accuse Azerbaijan of trying to forcefully open the Zangazur Corridor. At the same time, with these activities, Armenia is also trying to accuse Russia of not helping Yerevan and to get the withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory. Armenian side is trying to attract the West’s attention to one of the most sensitive points in the South Caucasus," A.VErdiyev said

Talking about West’s attention, expert also touched on USA and EU’s support to the Pashinyan government. He stressed that Armenia aims to get Guarantee for Security from USA and EU.

"The Armenian side carries out these processes in order to slightly increase the already existing tension, and to give an excuse to the European Union and USA to meddle in the regional issues. Besides that, by creating an escalation, Armenia wants to show how "necessary" military and political support is for Armenia," the expert added.

As for Guarantee for Security, Verdiyev said that without participation and general agreement of the South Caucasus countries, no other organization or third party can make a decision on the issue of security in the South Caucasus.

"Without the South Caucasus states’ participation, foreign forces cannot provide such a Security Guarantee to Armenia. Armenia has a 30-year history of occupation. This country is recalled with its aggression and vandalism against Azerbaijan. It would be better if the Western countries called on Pashinyan government to stop provocations for its own security and to fulfill its obligations in the peace process, instead of arming Armenia. However, on the contrary, what happened today shows that the USA and the European Union are trying to drag Armenia into another disaster by doing the exact opposite steps of peace."

The military expert reminded that a few days ago, Military personnel from the USA and French army conducted combat courses. He added that West is providing Armenia with provocation scenarios under the name of "defense".

"Armenia now bring the manpower, armored vehicles, artillery installations, and other heavy weapons in different directions of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conventional border. On the other hand, large-scale military mobilization in which 5,000 people will participate are being held in Armenia from April 1 to May 28. In parallel, military personnel from the USA and France conduct combat courses for the Armenian army and provide them with scenarios for provocations," expert noted.

Adalat Verdiyev said that West is creating a new problem for Armenia under the guise of support to Armenia.

"No weapon is effective in the battlefield without the spirit. There should be a trained personnel potential to hold that weapon. Considering that the Armenian army has no any spirit or courage for fight, the West is creating a new problem for Armenia. Neither France nor US citizens will feel the pain of this disaster. The result of these provocations will lead to tragic consequences for Armenia," the expert concluded.


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