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VoMa - threat to humanity or incurable Armenian disease

3 October 2023 13:40 (UTC+04:00)
VoMa - threat to humanity or incurable Armenian disease
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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In Armenia, young children are brought up in the spirit of revanchist, terrorist and bloodthirsty. In recent days, the videos shared on social media networks have been widely showing minors using weapons, getting involved in military training and similar activities.

A group of Armenian terrorists, who could not get rid of the illusions they formed in their brains for many years, became more aggressive after the fiasco of separatism in Garabagh and allegedly spread loud opinions about returning to Garabagh in the future.

Currently, the most active supporter of Armenian terrorism is the non-governmental organization VoMa of Armenia. The terrorist organization, where Gucci model Armine Harutyunyan received armed training, has not given up despite Azerbaijan's decisive victory.

The gang, founded by so-called professional soldiers and a group of "veterans" in 2014, is engaged in gathering financial support to implement anti-Turkish and anti-Islamic principles. Although it may not sound unusual, we must note that currently, young children are included in the military exercises organized by VoMa. By providing real weapons and explosive devices to minors in the age group of 13-16 years and indoctrinating them in savagery, the organization is clearly violating the law in a serious way.

Армянские террористы

Although VoMa does not have a special financial base, today financial assistance is provided to the organization from the account of the Armenian diaspora, lobbyists and a number of foreign organizations and companies pursuing anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Islamic pronciples. VoMa, which has developed its own website, allegedly wants to organize a complete defense system and says that it needs 100,000 US dollars per month for making a tough military structure.

It should be noted that the VoMa terrorist organization is not the first in the Middle East and the Caucasus. Before that, a large number of organizations with different names were established for the spread of terrorism in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other countries, and all of them were destroyed during anti-terrorist operations.

Armenian separatists show the same attitude towards children as they treated Armenians in Garabagh. The enemies of humanity, who can no longer brainwash adults, use children as tools as a last resort. The absence of patriotic feelings in Armenia is inevitable. Because the one who does not have a homeland does not have a sense of homeland. Many people in Yerevan also understand this and knew in advance that the latest situation in Garabagh would happen at some point. As they saying goes, You shouldn't take what doesn't belong to you. Armenia wanted to take the Azerbaijani lands by force, but time prevailed again.

VoMa doesn't want to back down

The 'Threats' section on the website of the terrorist organization, into which an official investigation was opened by Azerbaijan after the Second Garabagh War, is particularly striking.

Describing Armenia as an 'outpost' against the Turks for 1000 years, VoMa reminds that with the collapse of Byzantium, the Turks were waiting at the walls of Vienna. Claiming that Armenians fought alone against the Ottomans, the organization particularly emphasizes its Christian identity.

Besides, claiming that Armenia is not only a wedge in the Islamic or Turkish world, but also a wedge in the body of ailing Eurasia, VoMa writes that if this does not happen, 'aggressive' Turkiye will reach the borders of Russia and Iran, and even the Great Wall of China. Arguing that any conflict with Turkiye would mean a 'world war', the illegal armed organization concludes its fantasies by claiming that a 'strong' Armenia will prevent the outbreak of a world war.

Armenian mercenary groups who are wanted internationally by Azerbaijan

During the First and Second Garabagh War, various information was obtained about the use of mercenary soldiers by Armenia. Facts about the recruitment of Armenians from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine into the army were also revealed during the Second Garabagh War. Any party that does not belong to the Armenian army and participates in the war against the Azerbaijani army based on certain interests from outside is considered to have grossly violated Azerbaijani legislation as well as international laws. For this reason, the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan appealed to the Interpol regarding the above-mentioned facts and started an international search for the war criminals.

Despite this, currently more than 300 war criminals have not been arrested. Some of them live in Yerevan, and some live in foreign countries. No initiative is taken to surrender criminals. On the contrary, all diaspora and lobby organizations, including the Armenian authorities, are forming financial resources with the claim and desire to gather military forces again against Azerbaijan. It is a fact that Anna Hagopyan, the wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia, participated in military exercises during the Patriotic War, which spread only a negative impression to armenian community.

Eurasianews: Hakobyan prepares Armenian women to attack peaceful Azerbaijanis

Today, the Armenian side is trying to send a 'message' to Azerbaijan by involving minors and persons who do not have the right to military service in armed training. However, on September 20, after the last anti-terrorist measures carried out by the Azerbaijani Army, the world witnessed that thousands of illegal armed groups surrendered by raising a white flag. Therefore, neither Armenia nor Armenian lobbyists abroad can achieve anything with such dramatic scenes.


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