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What made Vardanyan crawl out of hole again? - analysis by expert

24 May 2023 12:30 (UTC+04:00)
What made Vardanyan crawl out of hole again? - analysis by expert

By Leyla Tarverdiyeva

Tracking the current events in the negotiation process on the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, I involuntarily recalled the famous speech of the famous Azerbaijani writer Mirza Ibrahimov in June 1989 in the Kremlin, at a meeting of the Azerbaijani and Armenian intelligentsia. In the course of discussions on the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh events", the wise man by life experience, said: "When the Almighty Allah decides to punish a person, he deprives him of his mind!" This apt saying, of course, was addressed to the Armenian side, which fought with might and main for the implementation of the pernicious idea of ​​"miatsum". What this led to is well known.

Azerbaijani expert, head of the Iravan Analytical Center Sohbat Mammadov has said this in an interview with Azernews presents the the article.

Decades have passed since then, he noted, but even after the crushing defeat during the Second Karabakh War, neither in Armenia, nor on a small stub, which is now under the temporary control of the Russian peacekeeping forces, it seems that they have not gained their mind. This is especially felt against the backdrop of the atmosphere that has developed after the meeting in Brussels and Nikol Pashinyan's statements on the recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan within 86.6 thousand square kilometers. The Prime Minister's statements had the effect of a bombshell in Armenia and the so-called RMK zone.

"The heralds of Pashinyan's accusation of betrayal, as expected, were both the Karabakh clan, which amassed untold wealth on the blood of the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples, and the infamous Dashnaktsutyun party. But the most interesting thing is that the Moscow missionary Ruben Vardanyan again climbed to the fore, in Recently, he has almost disappeared from the news feeds. He launched a stormy activity - he gives interviews to various media, participates online in various gatherings of the Armenian diaspora abroad, loitering along country roads and urging his fellow tribesmen to be persistent and not succumb to the reintegration proposed by Baku into Azerbaijani society. To this end, he recently founded the social movement "Security and Development Front" of Karabakh. By attracting the overwhelming majority of young people to the movement, he plays on their fragile feelings in order to achieve either his own or the goal imposed on him. And he has a goal, as they show recent events, win the image of the savior of the nation and move to Armenia through Karabakh in the hope of climbing the Olympus of power. You can finally come to this conclusion by looking at the message Vardanyan wrote down a couple of days ago to Nikol Pashinyan. The Russian billionaire, sent to the territory of Azerbaijan for clearly provocative purposes, declares that "the topic of genocide, nemesis and national identity are not subject to discussion." It was a challenge to Pashinyan and a signal to action to all those who are dissatisfied with the course towards reconciliation in the South Caucasus," Mammadov stressed.

According to the pundit, various experts who monitor the development of the situation in Armenia claim that if Pashinyan signs a peace treaty with Azerbaijan, Nikol Vovaevich will lose his position and even, perhaps, his life. Given this circumstance, according to experts, the West and Moscow set off in search of a successor to Pashinyan. Apparently, this is precisely what can explain the activation of Ruben Vardanyan, who was brought out of his sleeping state by one of the towers of the Kremlin, dissatisfied with the behavior of Pashinyan.

"In this whole story, it is obvious that if Nikol Vovayevich loses and the Karabakh clan comes to power, together with the Dashnaktsutyun party, Armenia itself will have a sad fate. In this situation, we would like to remind the sensible part of the elite of the neighboring country the words of the first Prime Minister of Armenia Hovhannes Kachaznuni, who in the first half of the 20th century, accusing the Dashnaks of the troubles of the Armenian people, warned his relatives that "the Dashnaktsutyun has nothing more to do!". Time will tell whether Armenia will listen to the words of Hovhannes Kachaznuni or not," Sohabt Mammadov added.


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