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The season of the king of fruits arrives

29 September 2015 13:33 (UTC+04:00)
The season of the king of fruits arrives

By Nigar Orujova

Another of autumn’s gifts to Azerbaijanis and guests of the country is the juicy and sweet-flavored pomegranate or “nar” as it is called in Azerbaijani. As one of Azerbaijan’s most favorite fruits, you are sure to see its pictures all over the country.

Azerbaijan is the only country in the world that grows every variety of pomegranate, is a great testament to the love that the country has for the fruit itself.

Pomegranates have long been known as the king among another fruits. Legend has it that the royal crown got its shape from the small crown atop this royal fruit. Until today, pomegranates have not lost their popularity thanks to their numerous health properties.

In Azerbaijan, the pomegranate is consistently associated with fertility and strong health. This unique fruit has been used for centuries to heal different disorders in the entire body.

Pomegranates contain 8-19 percent of the body’s required glucose and fructose intake, 3-7 percent of the citric acid, as well as minerals, vitamins, cellulose, and pectin. This fruit is extremely rich in antioxidants.

In Azerbaijan, pomegranates are juiced, used to make the ancient narsharab sauce, which is a perfect complement to meat and fish dishes, as well as preserve, wine and soft drinks.

Pomegranate juice improves one’s appetite, treats anaemia, and cures other diseases.

The most popular Azerbaijani varieties of pomegranate are Guloysha, Bala Mursal, Nazik gabig, Shah nar, Girmizi gabig, Shelli cross breeding, Girmizi valas Shahnaz, and Agshirin.

The distinguishing feature of the Azerbaijani pomegranates is its natural growth without the use of organic fertilizers.

People in Azerbaijan love the fruit so much that they organize annually the colorful Pomegranate Festival in early November in Goychay, which lies on the 216th km of Baku-Qazakh Highway.

Here at the festival, tourists can enjoy sweet fruits and products made from pomegranates at an exhibition held in the town square, as well as many fun contests and performances, concerts, and games.

Pomegranates ripen from the end of October to early November in Azerbaijan, but also has a long shelf life, it can be stored for a period of 7 months. This makes the fruit a favorable gift for foreign guests and a natural souvenir for tourists. Do not forget to take home your sweet-scented “nar” from Azerbaijan!


Nigar Orujova is AzerNews’s staff journalist, follow her on Twitter: @o_nigar

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