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Desert sand is unsuitable for construction

13 May 2024 18:06 (UTC+04:00)
Desert sand is unsuitable for construction

By Alimat Aliyeva

The countries of Central Africa, surprisingly enough, are experiencing a serious shortage of yellow construction sand, Azernews reports.

Although sand reserves in deserts are measured in millions of tons, construction sand is very expensive in many African countries. The reason for this is that the desert sand is unsuitable for construction, Azernews reports.

Since the sand of the desert is constantly being moved by the wind, the garnet becomes dusty and "polished". Also, the size of such grains of sand is almost the same.

In construction, it is necessary to have grains of sand of different sizes so that there are few pores. For this reason, you cannot use desert sand in construction.

Currently, chemists and engineers are looking for ways to make concrete from desert sand. The reason is that the resources of the desert are plentiful and cheap.


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