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Black Sea natural gas to be delivered to consumers by March 2023 - Turkish minister

22 September 2022 15:51 (UTC+04:00)
Black Sea natural gas to be delivered to consumers by March 2023 - Turkish minister

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The natural gas produced by Turkiye in the Black Sea will be delivered to the consumers by March 2023, Yeni Shafak reports, citing Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez.

The construction of the pipeline that will transport Black Sea gas to Turkiye’s Filyos Port is proceeding apace. Donmez, who inspected the process, said that the first gas flow to the area is expected in March.

“We have 30 ships operating at sea. 140 kilometers of the 170 kilometers pipeline has been completed. 70 percent of the pipelines on land have also been laid,” Donmez stressed.

Some 80 percent of the BOTAS measurement station has been constructed and will be available for testing on October 15. Furthermore, 70 percent of the pipes have been installed, and the onshore work will be completed in November. As previously indicated, the ministry wants to provide the first gas to the consumers in March, he added.

Donmez stated that he returned to the fields to view the construction operations being carried out both in the Black Sea and at the sites where the gas would be transferred through. The minister also went to the Castorone ship, which was involved in the construction of the 170-kilometer pipeline from Sakarya gas field to Filyos Port.

"The construction of 140 kilometers of the 16-inch main pipeline, which will transport natural gas, has been concluded, while around 20-25 kilometers remain uncompleted. About 32 kilometers of the 10-inch pipeline, designed as an auxiliary line, have been completed, too,” the minister underlined.

According to Donmez, the ships that will install the data and signal cables are on their way. Some 30 ships, as well as 2,500 workers, have been involved in the naval construction activities, while around 5,500 people are working on the land. In total 8,000 personnel continue working on the project without interruption.

He went on to say that the Oruc Reis Ship, which had been functioning in the Eastern Mediterranean for a long period of time, was hauled to Filyos Port for maintenance.

“The ship needed some modernization work related to hardware and software. Our Oruc Reis seismic research ship was previously designed to conduct mostly two-dimensional seismic surveys. Now, the ship becomes capable of performing three-dimensional seismic research, like the Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha ship, and the assembly of the equipment is currently underway. We will complete the modernization work in a month and send it to the new location," Donmez emphasized.

Donmez thanked everyone who contributed to the work being implemented in the Black Sea. He emphasized that building operations are not limited to the Black Sea; there are suppliers from all over the world that provide materials for the project, he said.

"Sakarya Gas Field will be the fastest offshore field development project in the world, from exploration to the first production," the minister wrote on his Twitter account.


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