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Indonesian youth organisations support ICYF-ERC’s declaration on Rabbani

26 December 2023 12:31 (UTC+04:00)
Indonesian youth organisations support ICYF-ERC’s declaration on Rabbani

The Indonesian National Youth Council supported the Eurasian Regional Centre of Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum's (ICYF-ERC) statement, condemning the illegal detention of the leader of CAGE, NGO Mohammed Rabbani, as a result of which he wasn’t permitted to participate in the "Neocolonialism: Human Rights, Peace, and Security" international conference.

Azernews reports that the conference was organized by the Baku Initiative Group at the United Nations office in Geneva.

In the Indonesian youth’s statement, it was expressed as solidarity with Mr. Muhammad Rabbani's struggle against Islamophobia as well as his long activity in the sphere of human rights.

In the mentioned document, M. Rabbani's detention by Swiss authorities at the behest of the French government, hindering his legitimate participation in a conference, was considered a breaking of fundamental principles of human rights and hindering factors in a free exchange of ideas and dialogue, which were the main goals of the conference.

The statement appeals to the French government to thoroughly investigate this incident, not interfere with the internal affairs of other states, to respect principles of sovereignty and international cooperation, and to protect free movement and expression of words for people who are engaged in the sphere of human rights and peace protection.

It was also appealed to other international organisations to stand in solidarity with the ICYF-ERC-mentioned initiative and to support M. Rabbani's rights.


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