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The Guardian: Azerbaijan is acting in self-defence

11 November 2023 15:10 (UTC+04:00)
The Guardian: Azerbaijan is acting in self-defence

The Guardian has published a letter from Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the UK Elin Suleymanov which he had written in response to the anti-Azerbaijani articles posted by the newspaper in recent months, Azernews reports.

The letter reads: “The territories that Azerbaijan has regained since 2020 have always been unanimously recognised as its sovereign territory – as four separate UN security council resolutions reaffirm. Any steps taken to recover these lands are not “aggression”, but self-defence. In the current climate, it is important that we do not let these legal distinctions slip. A state using its revenue to defend its territorial integrity is, or at least should be, uncontroversial. It is the first duty of any government and is enshrined in the UN charter.

Moreover, a major obstacle to peace in the South Caucasus – Armenian occupation – has been removed. Last month, both my government and the Armenian government stated that a peace settlement is now possible within a matter of months.

Revenue generated through our collaboration with international energy partners has funded investments in healthcare, infrastructure and education. It has helped turn Azerbaijan into one of the region’s most prosperous nations. A peace deal with Armenia will bring stability to the entire region and further boost its economic prospects.”


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