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Misinformation puts "Freedom House" in awkward situation

12 June 2024 16:04 (UTC+04:00)
Misinformation puts "Freedom House" in awkward situation

By Farman Aydin, AZERNEWS

The discrediting of the opposition and clergy in Armenia in the political arena has a significant impact on the Armenian lobby, which is testing various unsuccessful scenarios in Yerevan with financial support from abroad. This can be seen most often in the position of Western organisations, which decorate their headlines every time with the bribes given by the Armenian lobby and diaspora.

Thus, the Freedom House organisation, which is located in Washington, the capital of the United States, and claims to deal with issues of human rights, last time put itself in a ridiculous position like other players with its baseless comment against Azerbaijan.

This organisation, which criticises preparations related to COP29 in Azerbaijan on the social network and deliberately wants to draw attention to Azerbaijan, does not even understand what it wants to criticise or deal with. Just like Bagrat Galstanyan, who crawled on the streets of Yerevan in the hands of the local police. It is interesting that while he was creating chaos in Yerevan, he told the people about something else before, and now his views refute the previous ones. Poor Bagrat says he doesn't even know what to do next. To put it more clearly, the script written for him is unfinished.

Freedom House, which has no knowledge of the South Caucasus, walks in Bagrat style. Based on the instructions of the Armenian lobby, he voiced mixed opinions against Azerbaijan in order to stir up the situation ahead of COP29.

For example, Freedom House talks about unrelenting dependence on fossil fuels and limited plans to reduce emissions. At the same time, they neglect the projects that will generate electricity using wind and solar, which have been launched in a number of territories in Azerbaijan. Hydroelectric power stations are also being created, including in areas liberated from occupation. This demonstrates the serious plans and investments that are being made to decarbonise and accelerate the green transition. However, Freedom House experts did not consider it necessary as it was beyond the scope of their interests. There is only one reason for this: if they were to admit these truths, then all their arguments would be in vain.

Let's assume that we understand that the organisation has confused the issues because they are not related to the green energy sector. However, after this, claiming that human rights are violated in Azerbaijan is nothing more than pretending to blind oneself in the truest sense of the word.

The question is this: Doesn't Freedom House, which describes itself as the most "ideal defender" of human rights, see how the protesters who are handcuffed by police are crawling on the ground in Yerevan? If the organisation considers the freedom of the protestors acceptable, then it should also comment on this issue, saying a few words.

Probably a larger piece that the Armenian lobby shoved in their mouths was so big that they could not talk about it. They better shut up, or that piece will be stuck in their throats.

For the organisation Freedom House, we can only advise that it is better for them to spend their time on the streets of Yerevan. This good-for-nothing organisation may have responded to the cry of the protesters who were crushed under the police baton. Or maybe we are wrong about the news footage; it is perhaps a joke between the police and the protesters. We are sure that if the rich Armenian lobbyists in America offer a little more bribe, Freedom House will turn back and say that the images are just a movie.


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