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Colorful world of imagination

3 October 2014 11:41 (UTC+04:00)
Colorful world of imagination

By Amina Nazarli

Azerbaijani famous artist across the globe won the most prestigious VERA World Fine Art Festival, held in Lisbon, Portuguese from September 16 to 21.

Being awarded with the prize in "Painting" nomination , Sakit Mammadov got a lot of offers during the festival from the influential galleries in the U.S., UK and Uzbekistan to put his works on display. The UK gallery have even offered the artist to open "Sakit Mammadov's Gallery" in London.

By the way, Mammadov's picture has been chosen as the poster of the festival and this prove again the victory of Azerbaijani art in the world.

He has won hearts of thousands by his mastery of painting. He can even be called a master of colored paints, bringing light to darkness, calmness to anxiety and inspiration to reluctance....

Sun, passion and bright colors are the key tools of Sakit. The renowned artist has been able to grab headlines by his works.

His paintings are full of energy. They create good mood in their viewers. They are filled with generosity and lively spirit.

Mammadov's painting helps the viewer to feel the world, depicted by the artist's imagination.

His paintings create a special atmosphere. At first glance, they might seem simple, but to look attentively, they seem more complicated and delicate.

The works are both modern and traditional, powerful and delicate, complex and simple.

Mammadov's works have been featured in many prestigious galleries of the world in more than 60 countries.

A portrait of Pope John Paul II can be definitely called as one of the artist's most famous paintings, as it brought Mammadov many proposals from Italy, Turkey and Georgia. Mammadov, however, rejected all these offers, because no one would know that the picture was painted by the Azerbaijani artist.

And he was right. Now, this picture is hanging in the Vatican Museum. It has been donated to Pope on behalf of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a member of UNESCO Union of Artists, Mammadov pays special attention to Azerbaijan's culture.

Seeking to continuously improve his works, Mammadov believes that it is necessary to strive for world recognition.

"Any worker of art, whether it is a musician, singer, architect or artist, should reach the pick of his/her art and become a philosopher radiating light," he noted.

An interesting offer to the artist was associated with a Monica Bellucci's portrait.

After he finished the work, the artist received an offer to draw the gorgeous actress naked. The client said that they would pay a large amount of money to get the picture, which they would present to Bellucci herself. However, the artist rejected the offer, saying that he could do it only after the actress's approval.

Noting that Bellucci has not only external, but also inner beauty, Mammadov said "a woman should remain a mystery."

Very soon Mammadov will open his brand gallery "Sakit Gallery", where the artist will put his best works on display.

Passion is the colors of life for each artist. If you deprive an artist of this passion everything will be erased and the life will be meaningless for him. Artists try to express the passion of painting in bold and bright colors and the textures game, lines and layers.

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