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The Yellow Man. Ramin Kuliev's new album comes out [PHOTO]

1 July 2022 10:45 (UTC+04:00)
The Yellow Man. Ramin Kuliev's  new album comes out [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Sometimes, silence can speak volumes without ever saying a word. The noise of city vanity keeps us from living a life full of beautiful moments. However, the time spent in the midst of nature may completely change our vision of the world.

Ramin Kuliev is one of those people, who is looking for beauty in small things. The composer, who enjoys the silence and beauty of nature, has expressed a wide range of feelings through his new music album "The Yellow man".

"Yellow Man is a person who creates feelings and emotions through music. The idea for the album came after the eponymous composition `Yellow Man'. That's when I decided to start working on the album," Ramin Kuliev told Azernews.

"The title of this composition originated during a walk in the forest. We all experience certain emotions that we sometimes don't notice. It's like sitting on a speeding train and not having time to see what's going on outside the window. Try to notice every flower, tree, rock, and person. All these moments and feelings form our life and impressions of them. All of our concentration should not be focused only on the hustle and bustle of life, because there is so much beauty in this life. We only need to notice it. Everything is all around us," he said.

Speaking about the new album, Ramin Kuliev said that the album recording was closely related to the concept.

The piano was recorded with seven microphones, six of which were in different inner positions of the piano and one under it. This was done so that the listeners could feel themselves inside the piano, feel all the space and hear the resonance of the strings, the wood, the sounds of the keys and the mechanism, the pedals. All of these sounds became part of the composition. The listeners' attention is focused not only on the melody itself but also on the other sounds. For example, listeners in concert halls are deprived of this and hear only the sounds of the space they are in.

Azerbaijani artist Heyran Mustafa-Zade, who lives in Prague, shared her thoughts on the process of creating the cover of "The Yellow Man" album.

"When Ramin sent me a short excerpt of his next composition, I immediately had the idea in my mind to convey visually what he conveyed through music. After a while, Ramin messaged me - there will be an album, there is a title, listen to the rest," she said.

"I can't exactly answer the question of how long the work on `The Yellow Man' canvas lasted. But it definitely took a large part of setting myself up and trying to understand why a yellow man, but not blue or red. Trying to understand what is conveyed by the peculiarity of this color. This peculiarity is not in any particular character, and it is not an individual attitude, but rather quite the opposite, universal, abstract, and strongly expressive. It is not a portrait of a specific person. It is a portrait of the music itself, of that magical current in which the listener is absorbed and dissolved," she added.

Ramin Kuliev is an Azerbaijani composer living in the Czech Republic. Since 2018, his electronic, chamber, and orchestral works have been performed in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic as part of Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts projects.

Kuliev writes music for festival trailers, animated films and theater plays. The composer is also a member of the selection committee of AnimaFilm studio.

In 2020, Ramin Kuliev releases his debut album "Dream".

"This music album was composed within a month. It features 14 tracks in the New Age music style. Each music piece was composed in approximately two hours. I simply put my hands on the keys and let the music flow within..," Kuliev said in an interview with Azernews.

The album "The Yellow Man" is the composer's second album which is available here.

The young composer has already begun work on his third album.


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The Yellow Man. Ramin Kuliev's  new album comes out [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
The Yellow Man. Ramin Kuliev's  new album comes out [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
The Yellow Man. Ramin Kuliev's  new album comes out [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
The Yellow Man. Ramin Kuliev's  new album comes out [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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