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Music that touches hidden corners of soul [INTERVIEW]

27 October 2020 15:00 (UTC+04:00)
Music that touches hidden corners of soul [INTERVIEW]

By Laman Ismayilova

Music is a form of expression. It binds us in a way that language rarely does. Some people feel music so much deeper than others.

Known for his unique music pieces, Ramin Kuliev lets the music pass through the hidden corners of the soul.

Ramin Kuliev has been making music for almost 22 years. After studying for 10 years in the piano class, he began to practice in the class of jazz pianist Shahin Novrasli. Kuliev was also a student of Azerbaijan's eminent composer Pikya Akhundova.

Azerbaijan's jazz legend Vagif Mustafazadeh inspired the young talent to plunge into the charming world of music.

Ramin Kuliev entered Baku Music Academy to study music composition in the class of Arif Melikov.

The pianist decided to enter a music academy in the Czech Republic. Now he is on his third year.

Kuliev continues to thrill music lovers with his fascinating music pieces in various music styles from classical and electronic to New Age, Ambient and Trip-hop. He is also engaged in composing music for animation movies.

In his interview with Azernews, Ramin Kuliev shared the history behind his debut music album "Dream".

"This music album was composed within a month. It features 14 tracks in the New Age music style. Each music piece was composed in approximately two hours. I simply put my hands on the keys and let the music flow within...," said Kuliev.

The musician noted that all tracks are united by the common theme. After his second track "Dream", Ramin Kuliev decided to create an album with this concept.

"I just woke up early in the morning for 14 days, sat down behind the piano and simply composed. When a person wants to listen to these tracks, he just has to lie down, close his eyes and listen," he said.

While listening to these music pieces, one can plunge into an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The listener may even fall asleep. Many times, the musician soaks in all these feelings in his dreams. Each song in the album has a certain meaning, which makes you feel rethink about a life path.

"While listening "Circle of life" one can feel how everything seems to repeat over and over again. Although every day brings something new and adds more colors to your life," said Kuliev.

On October 21, the musician presented his new patriotic track "Qarabag 91" dedicated to Azerbaijan. "Qarabag 91" is not the first such track. On October 9, Kuliev released the track "Voices", his first Trip-hop track. As the musician says, these tracks are associated with Azerbaijan's fight for its territorial integrity.

"In the track "Voices", I used the voice of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and prominent singer Rashid Behbutov. The track "Qarabag 91" features the voice of eminent mugham singer Kanan Bayramli, who sings Bayati-Shiraz. At the very beginning of this piece, I used his voice track in reverse. This technique works like a mirror. The same technique was also used in other parts of the track. Why did I do it this way? Well, the explanation is simple. Since childhood, I have heard this mugham performed by him, and associations with events happened in the 90s and the terrible pain that my people felt that time. Now on the contrary, we are returning our lands. I put this symbol into this track .. I hope everything will end quickly, and victory will be ours," the musician said.

Speaking about his future plans, Ramin Kuliev said that one of his biggest passions is to compose soundtracks for movies.

"I have some desires that I am making plans for in order to bring them into reality. I hope everything will work out and I will compose soundtracks for movies," he added.


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Music that touches hidden corners of soul [INTERVIEW] - Gallery Image
Music that touches hidden corners of soul [INTERVIEW] - Gallery Image
Music that touches hidden corners of soul [INTERVIEW] - Gallery Image
Music that touches hidden corners of soul [INTERVIEW] - Gallery Image
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