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Conditions announced for toll roads in Azerbaijan

27 February 2014 09:35 (UTC+04:00)
Conditions announced for toll roads in Azerbaijan

By Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijani Transport Ministry announced the conditions for toll roads creation in Azerbaijan.

"The existence of alternative roads is necessary for the creation of toll roads in Azerbaijan," Javid Gurbanov, the head of Azeryolservis company which deals with the construction and reconstruction of roads said .

Furthermore, legal bases should be adopted for the creation of toll roads, he said.

"A law on toll roads was adopted in the country, but work on preparing the implementation documents has not been completed yet," Gurbanov noted.

The creation of toll roads is practiced throughout the world by private capital or partial participation of the state, he said.

"The project on the expansion and increase of number of the traffic lanes on the Baku third ring road can serve as a pilot project for the establishment of toll roads," Gurbanov said.

Earlier, the Asian Development Bank offered some recommendations for the elimination of traffic congestions in Azerbaijan by introducing additional lines for buses, providing a more comfortable transition from one kind of transport to another, and introducing toll roads.

Coordinated road works

He also said the construction and reconstruction of roads and the creation of communication lines in Azerbaijan is currently being conducted in a coordinated manner.

The destruction of asphalt-concrete pavements during the creation of communication lines leads to the damage of motor roads and requires additional restoration costs. Gurbanov said the creation of infrastructure, which includes the construction of oil and water pipelines, is a necessity and an integral part of modern life.

Previously, there was no coherence in the construction and reconstruction of motor roads and infrastructure, but there has been great progress in this regard in recent years.

"Now all these works are carried out in a coordinated manner on the basis of protocols," Gurbanov said.

Ten-year results

The total length of roads in Azerbaijan stood at 19,000 km in 2013, compared to 18,750 km in 2003.

Azeryolservis manages 17,529 km of operated motor roads in the country. The length of the constructed, reconstructed, and repaired motor roads in Azerbaijan has reached 8,332 km in 10 years, and more than 220 new bridges and overpasses were built and commissioned.

The length of the company's motor roads, avenues, and streets in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku is currently 1,525 km. Moreover, more than 60 overpasses and tunnels were launched in Baku, which lessen the capital's roads. The number of pedestrian crossings and undercrossing that were built was also 60.

Targets for 2014

Azeryolservis plans to complete the reconstruction of one of Baku's largest avenue - Ziya Bunyadov Avenue - in a few months, Gurbanov said.

This is one of the company's main goals this year, he said, adding, "We will complete the reconstructions in about two months."

The company also plans to complete the construction of the tunnel and road leading from the new Olympic Stadium complex to the "Shafa" stadium, the construction of the road leading to a shooting complex in Baladjari, and the expansion of a bridge located near the northern entrance of Baku by the year-end.

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