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Tumults in Iran prompts Tehran to cooperate with pro-Western Yerevan

8 April 2024 16:12 (UTC+04:00)
Tumults in Iran prompts Tehran to cooperate with pro-Western Yerevan
Fatima Latifova
Fatima Latifova
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Although Iran has mentioned in its "statements" that it is concerned about the issues in the Middle East and that "religious brotherhood" is a joint struggle against injustice, all this was in words. For example, official Tehran has not commented on the provocations in its neighbourhood for many years, especially the violation of the ceasefire by the Armenian military units on the border with Azerbaijan and the entry of the European mission into the territory of Armenia. On the contrary, it continues to provide weapons and ammunition to Armenia.

It is interesting that Iran, while reacting so harshly to the Israel-Palestine conflict and even threatening Israel, remains silent on what is happening in the South Caucasus. Thus, although the Tehran authorities always claim that the West, especially the United States, finances Israel, for some reason they accept the assistance provided by the United States and the EU to Armenia, which serves the purpose of escalating tensions in the South Caucasus in a very pleasant way.

It seems that Iran avoids direct conflict with the West and behaves more like a proxy force of the West.

Commenting on the topic for Azernews, Elyar Kamrani, a research journalist from South Azerbaijan, said that Iran's foreign policy consists of protecting the interests of certain states.

"When we look at Iran's foreign policy, we see that this country has been under the influence of the West for a long time. At the meeting between the European Union, the United States, and Armenia held on April 5, Iran did not make a single voice. This means that Iran protects the interests of these institutions more than its own interests.

The expert noted that official Tehran is indifferent to regional Armenian arbitrariness because it cannot conduct a free policy. According to him, the West is using Iran's situation to create a new front against Russia in the South Caucasus.

The political commentator drew attention to the tension between Iran and Israel in recent days. He said that Iran's war is only in the media.

"Recent events related to Israel proved once again that Iran's war is waged only through mass media and social networks. The regime carries out cheap threat campaigns with exaggerated statements, especially on social networks. But in reality, it has the courage to say a word to neither the USA nor Israel. When Israel hit the Iranian consulate in Syria, the Iranian media claimed that strong revenge would be taken. But these claims and threats remained in words as usual," Kamrani said.

The expert recalled the killing of General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Kamrani said that the killing of the Iranian major general is actually due to the fact that Iran is a weak country.

"Iran also sent an ultimatum to the United States on the death of Qasem Soleimani, but it was an empty threat because no real action was taken. These events are due to the fact that Iran is not as strong as it is thought. Therefore, Tehran does not interfere in the West's policy in the South Caucasus, it just prefers to remain silent," he emphasised.

The expert also expressed the concern of the Tehran authorities about Turkish unity. He said that Iran's cooperation with Armenia is based on some tensions inside the country.

"We must not forget that one of the issues that worries Iran is Turkish unity. Turkish-Azerbaijanis in southern Azerbaijan, rebellions, and conflicts inside Iran are prompting Tehran to cooperate with Yerevan and form an alliance against Azerbaijan and Turkey. It should be noted that what is currently happening in the South Caucasus is to Iran's detriment. However, official Tehran avoids the West and ignores the events taking place in the region.


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