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How META's expansion damage business quality and state budget?

27 November 2023 20:30 (UTC+04:00)
How META's expansion damage business quality and state budget?
Asim Aliyev
Asim Aliyev
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For the first time in the world, the internet was introduced to people in 1969 and it was known as ARPANET. Until 1989, it was used exclusively in the military sector, and since 1989, it has been universally used by people.

Social Network: another leading segment of the internet

The first social network was created and known to us in 1995, considering how we use it. As a portal ( - launched to connect school, college, and university graduates.

Developments in Internet technology over the past 15 years have led to the concept of social media and accelerated the transition from traditional media to social media types. This change has led to many changes in both social, cultural, and economic fields. The rapid spread of social media use around the world is causing many changes in the cultural context, especially in the new generation. The use of the Internet and social media leads to the physical destruction of many subjects from a sociological point of view. Among them, conversation, discussion, and exchange of ideas can be shown, and in the modern era, such means of communication have declined significantly.

The beginning of the development period of Social Media coincides with the period in 2004. Currently, the main part of the social media platform is known as META (association of companies) and continues to operate as a world-famous holding company. Meta is an American multinational holding company based in California that owns the technology conglomerate. Facebook, Instagram, etc. continue to operate as an association of companies. It is considered one of the most expensive companies in the world, and at the same time, it is considered one of the "big five" companies in the US information technology field.

​The development of social networks included in META (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook) in the world has negative and positive sides. Unfortunately, especially for the new generation, the development of social networks shows more negative aspects than positive ones.

Influence of social media on people in Azerbaijan

The development of social media in Azerbaijan has several negative effects on people. The main effect is socialization. If we look at the generations of the 1980s and 1990s, we will see that people born in the 80s and 90s are prone to exchange ideas and discuss more comfortably. The reason for this can be attributed to the non-existence of the social network and social life without the Internet in those years. If we look at today's young and middle-aged generation, we will see that people cannot imagine their lives without social networks. The reason is that social networks have become dominant in people's lives. If we look at TikTok, which is currently the most used social network in Azerbaijan, we will see that the mentioned social network leads to the degradation of young people. The new generation who avoid reading books, magazines, and other publications in their free time spend more of their time on social networks. This also slows down the development of the young generation and creates a foundation for the creation of an illiterate generation in the future. Research in some scientific laboratories in the United States also shows that a special clavicle has formed in the cervical spine of generations after 2000. Science proves that this bone is a genetic condition formed as a result of looking at the phone with the head down for a long time. So the new generations are starting to differ genetically.

The impact of social media on the economy in Azerbaijan.

The development of social media also has many negative effects on the economy. Although some call it a conspiracy, today's realities have already begun to confirm its negativity. The main impact is the decrease in the demand for the labor force. For example, before the development of social networks was not fully formed, any company used more manpower for advertising, but now the development of social networks has reduced that requirement to almost 0. This leads to an increase in unemployment. The second negative factor is the establishment of the Business area or their concentration on a social network platform. For example, in the past, companies that wanted to start a business and diversify had to officially set up and run their business with permission and registration from government agencies. This had a positive effect on the state budget and the state economy. Now, the fact that most of the small companies are busy with sales through social networks has a negative impact on the economy. As a negative effect, we can point out the cycle of State tax evasion and low-quality products and services.

The social network stands out for its serious effects in the field of media as well. For example, in the early 2000s, there were at least 30 reporters working in newsrooms, but today social networks meeting the demand for information have reduced the demand for human resources. Sometimes editorial offices consider it unnecessary to send reporters to events and to the scene. As for the quality of the news, there is no serious control mechanism. Unfiltered information enters our home like an uninvited guest through social networks every day and even every minute. As technology is developing rapidly, our life is also changing, and the things we used to do in a traditional way are falling out one by one. Most importantly, interest in books and newspapers is almost non-existent today.


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