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Slipping off Garabagh, pariah state centralises in Yerevan

15 September 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Slipping off Garabagh, pariah state centralises in Yerevan
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The illegitimate separatist regime continues to receive guests, after the unprecedented election of a "president" in the unrecognized state of "artsakh" (Azerbaijan's Garabagh economic region). They resist and want to remain on the territory of Azerbaijan as a "pariah state". But it is interesting that in their imaginary "state" they can organize neither an "official meeting" nor a "ceremony" to their own pleasure. Even the so-called official of the so-called regime receives some kind of official guests in Yerevan.

On the other hand, their patrons, whether Armenia or the Western forces always invent new scenarios to prevent peace in the region; and when their plans fail, they either pull their useless army or EU mission group whenever and whichever is necessary, to the border and they still shout to the world with the same tumult as usual.

According to political analyst Farhad Mammadov, who gave a commentary for AZERNEWS, it is not the first time Armenians to create such imaginary, unreal structures, where they call Western Armenia.

"The territory that they consider to be Western Armenia is the territory of Turkiye, so it is not the first time for Armenian society to create such imaginary, not real structures, to finance them, to speak at various platforms. For Azerbaijan, the most important thing is not public initiative, but Armenia's state policy," he said

Despite the fact that the majority of countries and the Prime Minister of Armenia himself have repeatedly recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, his words at this stage remain only on a piece of paper and in the headlines, while in reality provocations from armed formations deployed to the borders with Azerbaijan continue. According to the expert, how long the unrecognized regime will be able to hold on to the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan while continuing its aggressive tactics of fighting depends on Armenia.

"Today we see that the state budget finances the military dictatorship in Garabagh, the remnants of the armed forces of Armenia are deployed, and at the state level pursues an aggressive policy towards Azerbaijan, in the context of the Lachin road, in the context of the international format of dialogue between Baku and the Armenians of Garabagh. That is, it tries to interfere in the internal affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic. In this context, the activity of the RA can be characterized as an aggressive activity," the expert emphasised.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan has the right to send its forces to its sovereign territory in any direction for the purpose of exercises, as well as to ensure the security of its borders, and interference in these steps is unacceptable.

Pashinyan's strategy, according to the analyst, is to ensure the security of Armenia's territory and deliberately leave the issue of Garabagh Armenians in limbo, which will later give time to build up forces to counter Azerbaijan for the patrons and actors of Armenians at the world level.

"Azerbaijan demonstrates by its actions both at the diplomatic level and on the ground that this will not happen, and the sovereignty of Azerbaijan will be extended to the territory of the temporary stay of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Garabagh. What Azerbaijan will come out with as a result, with or without a peace treaty, is Armenia's choice," the expert opined.

To ensure peace and stability in Garabagh, Armenians have taken many steps to aggravate the conflict, even using dogs as kamikazes against Azerbaijan’s army positions. This is not the first time Armenians have allowed themselves and their society to be kept under psychological pressure, as a result of which they have not accepted help from Azerbaijan, where a convoy of 40 tonnes of food is still waiting on the Aghdam-Khankendi road.

The Armenian side constantly commits military-political provocations, acts against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, contradicting its undertaken commitments, and conducts a slanderous campaign against Azerbaijan with unfounded claims.

Armenia's "toy" status provides power centers with an opportunity to manipulate regional processes with reference to Armenia's weakness, which needs to be patronized and supported. This weakness is most vividly demonstrated by Armenia's inability to take decisive steps to put the conflict on the rails of lasting, long-term peace.


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