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Expert skeptic about UN to take effective action against so-called elections

13 September 2023 21:10 (UTC+04:00)
Expert skeptic about UN to take effective action against so-called elections
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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"We would like to remind the resolutions of the UN Security Council confirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and we call on Armenia to fully respect them."

These words were said by the UN Secretary General's spokesman Stéphane Dujarric at the daily press conference when answering the question about the so-called "elections" held by Armenian separatists in the territory of Azerbaijan.

The spokesperson added that the UN Secretary General calls on Armenia and Azerbaijan to strengthen efforts towards the long-term normalization of relations for the sake of peace and security in the region.

No matter how nice these words sound, it is impossible to talk about the effect of either the UN resolution or the words looking back to the last 30 years. It should be recalled that Armenia has not complied with any resolution since 1993 (UN Security Council Resolution No. 822 of April 30, 1993) until the 30-year occupation was ended. On the contrary, Armenia blatantly violated the resolutions. Because everyone at any UN organisation knows that Armenia is not only an invader state, but also a state that grossly violates the principles of international law.

Undoubtedly, Azerbaijan has closely cooperated with the UN for the past 32 years since its independence and has always supported the initiatives of the organization from various platforms. Today, such an initiative of the UN is welcomed, but based on the experiences of the recent past, it is still questionable how much effect this resolution will have in the future. The UN has shown initiative and determination in many issues and resolving conflicts.

For example, the sanction that the UN security Council could impose against the so-called election held by Armenian separatists in the territory of Azerbaijan, which is supported mostly by Armenia, could be considered as a more objective approach of the organization to the issue.

Speaking about the UN power and authority, political expert Vitaliy Yarmolenko, in a comment to AZERNEWS, said that the UN has recently been showing considerable weakness in resolving conflicts.

"Against the background of the global crisis and regional security system, there is generally a problem of the effective activities of international institutions and UN orgnisations. The unreformed UN is no longer actually capable of preventing any military conflicts. In my opinion, the leadership of the Organization is trying to maintain a balanced position, even in relation to aggressor countries. This can even be seen in the UN’s lobbying for a decision to lift some sanctions on Russia in exchange for its return to the “grain deal”," he said

The political analyst also talked about any steps the UN could take against the so-called elections and noted that even if the organization wants to veto the elections, pro-Armenian forces can prevent it. .

"As regards the “elections” in the part of Garabagh under the conrol of the Russian peacekeepers and the separatists, the decision on sanctions must be made by the UN Security Council, where the 5 permanent member countries have the right of veto. If this issue is raised at a meeting on this topic, some countries will support and some will be against, which are likely to be Russia and France," V.Yarmolenko added.


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