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Armenians have no right to speak of law - expert comments on Sahakyan's statement about missing Azerbaijani soldiers

16 May 2023 19:00 (UTC+04:00)
Armenians have no right to speak of law - expert comments on Sahakyan's statement about missing Azerbaijani soldiers
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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It seems that Armenia was concerned about some of the points presented at the tripartite meeting in Brussels on 14 May. The main thing is that Charles Michel's statement about the fate of our lost soldiers touched them. According to Siranush Sahakyan, a so-called human rights activist in Armenia, it does not comply with international laws, the Armenian soldiers are not missing, but are being held by Azerbaijan as prisoners of war. Also, Azerbaijani soldiers crossed the Armenian border not by accident, but deliberately. In other words, Azerbaijan is trying to present its soldiers as missing, and the EU has accepted this position.

In a comment for Azernews, military expert Telman Gasimov said that Sahakyan has always tried to take a one-sided approach to issues related to prisoners and hostages, acting from the position of Armenia. They are only trying to accuse Azerbaijan of issues that are in line with international conventions. Siranush Sahakyan, in turn, is trying to manipulate. But all claims are lies.

"As you know, about 60 Armenian soldiers have been arrested. 30 of them were returned and the rest were arrested. The matter between the arrested Armenians and our missing soldiers are completely different. Armenian soldiers were arrested after a massive ceasefire was announced with fully equipped weapons. And our soldiers, on the contrary, were unarmed and unprepared, and lost their way and crossed into the territory of Armenia,"- said the expert.

Telman Gasimov also touched on the torturing of our soldiers by the Armenians on social networks. “"Armenians shamelessly claim that our soldiers carried out sabotage and killed their guards standing in the mine. Of course, all this is absurd. Because the Armenians who arrested them announced that they did not find any phones on our soldiers.”

As for the Brussels meeting, the military expert said that Pashinyan will not keep his word and the process will be prolonged.

"Although the so-called Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, in practice we see the opposite. Pashinyan's statement that "We will discuss the final result in Russia" indicates that he was not independent and could not conduct an independent policy. In this regard, Armenia's violation of the ceasefire on the border and such provocations are expected to happen until early June," he stressed.

In addition, the military expert expressed an opinion about the interests of the Western side in the resolution of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

"I must note that although the issue of a short-term settlement of the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict in the South Caucasus is not interesting for the West, they are obliged to do their best to resolve the conflict. The main Ukraine-Russia conflict plays an important role here. Because the West is also very interested in the use of the Zangazur corridor for transport purposes. The reason is simple: As we know, Ukraine, which is used by the West as a transport route, is currently at war. Therefore, a new international corridor is needed. The West also knows that another country that is interested in this corridor is Russia. I would like to emphasize that for the West, not the fate of Armenia, but rather its own political and economic interests are the priority," Gasimv opined.

In addition, Telman Gasimov emphasized that the President of the Council of Europe used the word "past" in front of the expression "Nagorno-Karabakh."

"The fact that Charles Michel referred to former Nagorno-Karabakh and not "Nagorno-Karabakh" in this meeting caused serious concern in the Armenian authorities.

For the Azerbaijani side, the steps taken and the decisions made are completely correct and decisive. The rapid development and reconstruction work that is being carried out in our lands freed from occupation is tangible. Over 30 years of occupation, our lands were looted and destroyed by Armenians. I am sure that the West and Russia observe the processes, and therefore, they are undoubtedly interested in opening the corridors as soon as possible," the expert concluded.


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