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Turkiye's tallest dam fifth in the world with 275 meters in height

2 December 2022 10:47 (UTC+04:00)
Turkiye's tallest dam fifth in the world with 275 meters in height

By Ali Kursat Buyukada

A special crane system has been created at the Yusufeli Dam, which is built between two mountains, and the mixers for the body concrete, which reaches a height of 275 meters, were seen from above like toys.

Yusufeli Dam, which started to hold water and will produce the first electricity when it is full after six and a half months, contains architectural details and different features. While a special crane system, created for the dam between two mountains, mixers and concrete pumping vehicles weighing tens of tons were transported in the air like toys for the concrete of the hull, reached a height of 275 meters. Details from wall temperature to water load can be calculated with more than 4,000 measuring devices in and around the body of Yusufeli Dam. Thanks to its seismic devices, the dam can also measure the depth and magnitude of earthquakes in its immediate vicinity.

Apart from the strength of the body structure of the dam, 80-meter ropes were driven on both sides of the dam to prevent the deformation of the surrounding mountains and to increase its strength. At the end of the operations carried out with special drilling equipment, steel ropes were pulled to more than 6,000 points. In addition, special techniques were used to cool and heat the concrete and ropes to keep the construction going in all weather conditions. In order to prevent the high-speed water falling into the turbines from 220 meters high, and not to cause scour and abrasion, 90-meter energy-breaking pools were also built. While 7,000 personnel were employed in the construction of the dam, more than 250 engineers worked day and night for the calculations of the structures.

A special concrete facility was also established for the construction of Yusufeli Dam, whose foundation was excavated at a depth of 450 meters. It has been produced for a concrete dam of 800 cubic meters per hour and close to 20,000 cubic meters per day at this facility. During the construction phase of Yusufeli Dam, enough concrete was used to build 200 apartments per day and 80,000 apartments in total.

The total length of the tunnels to be used for the settlement of Yusufeli district and access to the dam reaches 62 kilometers. Tunnels of different lengths have reduced the transportation time between the mountains to one in four. Apart from these tunnels, with the six-kilometer galleries under the dam, many operations can be performed, from cooling and system control to reaching the bottom of the dam.

Huge caves were also excavated for the construction of the dam. The largest of these caves reached 110 meters in length, 55 meters in height, and 31 meters in width. The dam, which was built with the power to handle 15 times the volume of 300-350 cubic meters of water coming from the Coruh basin, can withstand a water pressure of 5,844 cubic meters per second. The water coming to the dam falls to the turbines at a height of 220 meters and can generate electricity in the most efficient way. With the completion of the dam construction one year earlier than expected, an additional TRY5 billion contribution will be made to the Turkish economy.

Continuing to insure Turkiye's strategic assets, Turkiye Sigorta will provide insurance to the Yusufeli Dam until 31 December 2023.

“As Turkiye continues its breakthroughs in the energy sector without slowing down, we, as Turkiye Sigorta, have added a new one to our pride in being a stakeholder of these valuable projects. The energy generation capacity of Yusufeli Dam is at a level that alone can meet the needs of two and a half million houses. We are proud of the guarantee we have provided for Yusufeli Dam, which is a 100-story skyscraper high,” said Turkiye Insurance Deputy General Manager Remzi Duman.


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