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Turkiye developing domestic flight data recorder for aircraft

20 October 2022 17:15 (UTC+04:00)
Turkiye developing domestic flight data recorder for aircraft

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Turkiye is developing a domestic flight data recorder (black box) for planes, Yeni Shafak reports.

The black box and its most crucial component, the collision-resistant memory module, which was imported earlier, are being domestically developed under the coordination of the Defense Industries Directorate.

The products that will emerge as a result of ASELSAN's self-sourced original development studies are aimed at ensuring the security of military platforms’ flight data while addressing the sector demands using local resources.

The black box, which is of critical importance in illuminating negative incidents such as accidents/crime, is being locally developed.

ASELSAN is promoting its research activities into electrical subsystems, which are crucial to aircraft performance. The company is conducting new product development studies in addition to modernizing its existing goods with new technologies and adding new capabilities to its products in this sector.

The Collision Resistant Flight Data Recording System, often dubbed the black box, is one of the projects that ASELSAN has recently added to its product list. The system functions as a data recorder installed inside planes and utilized for post-accident/crash investigation.

The most critical component of this device is the crash-resistant memory module (CSMU-Crash Survivable Memory Unit). The component in question must not be damaged under the harshest environmental conditions (collision, impact, burning, immersion, etc.) that may occur in the event of an accident/breakdown, and the information inside the black box must be read. Because of all these features, the module emerges as the first CSMU unit to be searched and found after the accident/breakdown of the aircraft.

The black boxes utilized in aviation projects are imported from overseas, and the data reading and analysis as a result of the accident/crash is likewise carried out abroad.

ASELSAN launched self-sourced initiatives under the Defense Industries Directorate, both to maintain the security of military platform flight data and address industrial demands relying on local resources.

In this context, a CSMU unit is being developed in line with the EUROCAE ED-112A Minimum Operating Performance Specification for Crash-Proof Airborne Recording Systems, with TUBITAK 1707 Order-Based R&D Support Program and ASELSAN's own resources, together with a local subcontractor company.

The CSMU unit will be integrated into the black box (CVFDR) device, which will continue its original development studies with ASELSAN's own resources.

Founded by the Turkish Army Foundation in 1975, ASELSAN is a Turkish defense corporation headquartered in Ankara, Turkiye. The company is mainly involved in the research, development, and manufacture of advanced military products for air, land, and maritime forces. ASELSAN was ranked by Defence News magazine as the 48th largest defense company in terms of revenues.

Meanwhile, on October 18, Turkiye tested its homegrown Typhoon missile produced by ROKETSAN Company.


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