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Turkey purchases drilling ship from South Korea

11 March 2022 23:21 (UTC+04:00)
Turkey purchases drilling ship from South Korea

By Economy Service

Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez has announced that the fourth drilling ship that purchased from South Korea is on its way to Turkey, Yeni Shafak has reported.

Donmez stated that the new ship will be used in hydrocarbon exploration in the seas, the report added.

“We have been very busy with our work to bring a fully-fledged drilling fleet to our country, which is surrounded by seas on all sides. We are now looking forward to our fourth drilling ship, which is on its way to Turkey. Good luck," the minister wrote on its Twitter account.

The modern ship is expected to be named Alparslan. Equipped with 7th generation cutting-edge technologies, the new drillship is 238 meters long, 42 meters wide and weighs 68,000 gross tons.

The new generation drillship, which can go down to a maximum depth of 12,200 meters, will be able to operate up to a depth of 3,600 meters. The tower height is 104 meters.

With its 200 crew capacity, the ship will carry the personnel who will implement the drilling works. Equipped with 7th generation advanced technologies, the ship has an active positioning system.

Additionally, its double tower and two secure 7-ram blowout preventer (BOP) systems are among the remarkable features of the ship. Equipped with the MDP system, the ship has a wave damping structure on both towers.

The drilling ship, which draws attention with its new generation superior features, will contribute to the production of Black Sea gas by 2023.

The fourth ship departing from South Korea is expected to arrive in Turkey within two months. Turkey's drilling activities in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea continue at full speed. It currently continues its work with three deep-sea drilling and two seismic research vessels.


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