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Turkey exhibits domestic armored vehicle at science festival

11 October 2021 17:14 (UTC+04:00)
Turkey exhibits domestic armored vehicle at science festival

By Vugar Khalilov

Turkey's TUMOSAN company has exhibited its 100 percent domestic tactical wheeled armored vehicle - PUSAT at the eighth Konya Science Festival, Yeni Shafak Newspaper has reported.

TUMOSAN (one of the Albayrak Group companies) Chassis Systems Engineer Sinan Ali Yilmaz stated that the company participated at the Konya Science Festival with the prototype level hybrid version of the PUSAT vehicle in 2021.

Yilmaz noted that the car is the electric and hybrid version of the PUSAT vehicle, which provides mine and ballistic protection and employs four driving modes: operation mode, a battle mode, economy mode, and terrain mode.

In the operation mode, the vehicle receives the motion from the battery and electric motors, which minimizes both thermal and acoustic visibility in the operation area, Yilmaz underlined.

In combat mode, the vehicle produces a high and intense power and torque with the help of both the internal combustion engine and electric motors to get to the operation field more quickly, he said.

In the economy mode the vehicle fulfils economy-oriented drives, while in off-road mode, driving takes place in a more power-oriented way, Yilmaz added.

Noting the vehicle’s modular armor system, Yilmaz stressed, the mine protection and ballistic protection levels can be increased as well.

Underlining the vehicle’s adaptability to the needs of users, he added that the body capsules can be changed and configured.

The vehicle has been designed for nine personnel and provided with ASELSAN’s SARP and SARP Zafer systems, he said.

Yilmaz stressed that the car is also suitable for manned and unmanned usage and ammunitions can be loaded inside the vehicle.

Other features of the vehicle are mine seats, floating floors, and particle shields, Yilmaz said.

Yilmaz added that the vehicle is at the prototype level at the moment, and the work continues at the preliminary level.

Turkey's prominent domestic company in the defence industry TUMOSAN proves that the country is able to produce armored vehicles by using its domestic engines, transmissions, and own subsystems.

For the first time TUMOSAN’s PUSAT hybrid vehicle, which was showcased at IDEF-21 drew great attention. Visiting the TUMOSAN fair, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan examined the completely original PUSAT Hybrid and was briefed by Albayrak Group Board Chairman Ahmet Albayrak and Deputy Chairman Nuri Albayrak about the car.


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