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European Parliament's political idiocy

14 September 2015 09:53 (UTC+04:00)
European Parliament's political idiocy

"The European Parliament passed another resolution on Azerbaijan yesterday. Analysis of the organization`s previous activity, which continuously signs similar documents, gave ground to expect such a decision," said Head of the Department for Law Enforcement Bodies at the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Fuad Alasgarov as he commented on the European Parliament's biased resolution on Azerbaijan in an interview with AZERTAC.

"The European Parliament's 'interest' in our country reaches its peak point each time on the eve of significant international or domestic political events. That happened on the eve of Eurovision Song Contest, firs ever European Games and now on the eve of parliamentary elections in the country."

"The European Parliament is only part of the comprehensive pressure mechanism of some Western circles against the countries that want to pursue an independent and intelligent policy. Nobody has any doubts on this fact for a long time so yesterday's piece of paper should be approached from this perspective," said Fuad Alasgarov.

"It is characteristic that all resolutions on Azerbaijan are made by the same group. Parliamentarians Ulrike Lunacek, Marietje Schaake, Kati Piri, Ana Gomes always take part in the 'discussions' of these resolutions. By the way these discussions last for only about 20 minutes at best. These MPs are guides and executors of an anti-Azerbaijani strategy within the walls of the European Parliament."

"All the authors of the resolution shamelessly politicize the death of journalist Rasim Aliyev. It is a disgusting crime, but everyone in the country is aware that it was committed on domestic ground. Meanwhile, the authors of the resolution 'forget' that the persons suspected of committing this crime have already been arrested and a comprehensive investigation is currently being conducted into the case."

Fuad Alasgarov said: "Some paragraphs of the resolution are a clear demonstration of the pro-Armenian position and culmination of hypocrisy where the European Parliament demands that Azerbaijan execute all the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, including the decision dated June 16, 2015. The organization also expresses regret that the Azerbaijani government 'prevents contacts between the two countries' civil society groups, intellectuals and young activists which is extremely important in terms of eliminating hostility between Armenia and Azerbaijan'. They demand that our country implement a decision adopted in favor of an Armenian citizen."

"But no one demands that Armenia comply with the decision on the case of Chiragov and other Azerbaijani citizens adopted on the same day - June 16."

"Italian MP of the Armenian origin Laura Acea accused Azerbaijan of not only 'fighting against all forms of democracy' but also 'constantly firing at neighboring Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.' As a result of such disgusting manipulation, Azerbaijan, which has suffered from aggression for more than 20 years, is portrayed as an aggressor, while Armenia, which forced a million of people to become refugees and internally displaced persons, is presented as an innocent victim," he said.

"Through Laura Acea and other initiators of the resolution the Armenian lobby is trying to assure the European community that Azerbaijan's position on Nagorno-Karabakh problem is unfounded."

"We can hardly ever hear the European Parliament call for sanctions for police arbitrariness and condemn racism in the United States or 'politically motivated' killings of American journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward."

"The message sent by the authors of the resolution is as obvious as absurd - cooperation with Azerbaijan in the energy sector is mutually beneficial, but it is necessary to impose sanctions against its officials; European foreign policy service should develop dialogue with Azerbaijan in the field of human rights, but it should refrain from any activities related to observation of the upcoming parliamentary elections in the country."

"It should be noted that more than 200 Parliamentarians voted against the resolution, while more than 70 have refused to comment on the issue.

Unfortunately, the number of votes in the European Parliament was not enough for the political pragmatism and constructive approach to triumph."

"In conclusion the authors of the resolution have shamelessly reminded the importance of sending a parliamentary delegation to Azerbaijan for implementation of dialogue on the issues as human rights and the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute."

He said: "If we take into account yesterday's political idiocy as well as obvious demonstration of biased anti-Azerbaijani and pro-Armenian position, we should not only let a European Parliament delegation come close to the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, but also reconsider reasonableness of our country's participation in the Eastern Partnership and Euronest Parliamentary Assembly."

"Despite any pressure, our country is pursuing an independent foreign and domestic policy aimed at ensuring comprehensive development and protection of the people of Azerbaijan, and will remain committed to it," Fuad Alasgarov added.


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