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European court passes another ruling on Azerbaijan

20 June 2013 15:48 (UTC+04:00)
European court passes another ruling on Azerbaijan

The European Court of Human Rights has passed a ruling on Azerbaijani national Rizvan Abdulgadirov's case.

According to the ruling, EUR 2,400 (non-pecuniary damage) and EUR 1,000 (costs and expenses) should be paid to Abdulgadirov.

The applicant, Rizvan Abdulgadirov was arrested in September 2004 on suspicion of being associated with a terrorist group. Abdulgadirov was convicted of illegal possession of a weapon and sentenced to three years' imprisonment in a ruling upheld by the
Supreme Court in November 2005.

Abdulgadirov complained that his rights under Article 6 §§ 1 and 3 (c) (right to a fair trial and right to legal assistance of own choosing) had been breached, as he had been absent from the hearings before the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court.

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