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Garabagh University inspires students with its modern concessions

9 July 2024 19:00 (UTC+04:00)
Garabagh University inspires students with its modern concessions
Fatima Latifova
Fatima Latifova
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The liberation of Garabagh from Armenian occupation allowed not only the economic potential of Azerbaijan but also the advancement of science and education in the region. During the Soviet era, the fact that Garabagh was out of sight and out of mind and people had to travel hundreds of kilometers to receive qualifications in the capital city, Baku, dealt a serious blow to the educational dynamics of the country.

The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev's recent visit to the works at Garabagh University in the city of Khankendi, his efforts towards this university, and his emphasis on the establishment of an educational institution in Garabagh are not coincidental.

Garabagh University has been established as one of the largest and most significant universities in Azerbaijan. It offers various faculties and programs for students, including engineering, medical, economic, and social sciences. The language of instruction is Azerbaijani, but given the university's central role and capacity, teaching in different languages is possible.

Garabagh University also plays a special role in preserving and restoring the history, culture, and traditions of Garabagh. It is expected that students studying here will be informed about and help sustain Garabagh's cultural heritage. This is carried out through research projects, conferences, and training as part of the educational process.

In addition to the education sector, Garabagh University also focuses on the development of scientific research and innovation. This is demonstrated through various scientific activities, projects, and research. The establishment and operation of the university reflect the profound social, cultural, and scientific impact of the Garabagh conflict.

The university has found its place as part of Azerbaijan's strong educational system. This helps improve the quality of education across different regions and cultural contexts in the country and supports the positive development of Azerbaijan's education sector.

It should be noted that there are several privileges for students who will study at Garabagh University. The opportunity for students to have access to free dormitory accommodation, scholarships, and laptops is superb. Additional scholarships will be awarded to students with the highest scores. An eco-friendly university campus will also be created for students.

Garabagh University plays a crucial role in ensuring stability and peace in the region by mitigating the effects of the Garabagh conflict and supporting the development of education, culture, and science. In the future, the university is expected to expand its reputation and attract more students and scientific activities.

The launch of Garabagh University is also extremely important in the normalization of social life and economic situation, as well as in the reduction of congestion in the capital city.

The opportunities created by the university and quality advantages in the field of education promise that Garabagh will soon become one of the most favorite places for people, especially students.

Education expert Elchin Efendi, who spoke to Azernews, made an interesting argument about Khankedi's past and present. He said that this location, which was in ruin and once under the Armenian occupation, has now become one of the centers of science and education.

Elchin Efendi highlighted the special concessions created for students and teachers at Garabagh University.

"The new university creates an ideal opportunity for both students and teachers and of course, this distinguishes the university from other higher education institutions as a symbol of national patriotism. At the same time, the construction of the university in Khankendi, one of the beautiful and picturesque places in Azerbaijan, shows that students can study in more favorable conditions," he said.

The expert noted that more prospective students aspire to study at Karabakh University.

"The vast majority in Azerbaijan are interested in studying at this new prestigious university. Moreover, the university offers many concessions for students. Free dormitories, computers, and free education in the 'SABAH' groups will increase students' interest in education," he said.

Elchin Efendi spoke about the contributions of these concessions to education.

"The proposed concessions and benefits will have very positive contributions to education at this university. Additionally, students here will not only receive scholarships provided by the state but also scholarships in different fields.

The construction style of Garabagh University, the student town being prepared here, and the special concessions for students will not only increase interest in education but also positively impact the educational performance of prospective and current students," the expert added.


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