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Azerbaijan finds new human remains site in liberated Aghdam District

25 November 2022 15:16 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan finds new human remains site in liberated Aghdam District

By Fatima Hasanova

Another mass grave has been discovered on the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, Azernews reports, referring to Azerbaijan's Interior Ministry.

During excavations in the liberated Sarijali village of Aghdam District, with the participation of police officers, prosecutors, and the Security Service, human remains were found.

It is assumed that the remains belong to people who were killed and buried in 1992.

It should be mentioned that in the XX century, Armenians perpetrated systematic crimes and atrocities against Azerbaijanis to break the spirit of the nation and annihilate the Azerbaijani people of Karabakh. The Khojaly genocide is regarded as the culmination of the Armenian mass murders.

Some 613 Azerbaijanis, including 63 children, 106 women, and 70 elders were brutally murdered on the ground of national identity in Khojaly in 1992.

This heinous act was preceded by a slew of others. Armenians set fire to around 20 buildings in the Baghanis-Ayrim village of Gazakh District, killing eight Azerbaijanis. A family of five, including a 39-day-old newborn, were all burnt alive.

Between June and December 1991, the Armenian troops murdered 12 and wounded 15 Azerbaijanis in Khojavand District's Garadaghli and Asgaran District's Meshali villages.

Armenian military detachments bombed buses on the Shusha-Jamilli, Aghdam-Khojavand, and Aghdam-Garadaghli routes in August and September of the same year, killing 17 Azerbaijanis and injuring over 90 others.

In October and November 1991, Armenians burned, destroyed, and plundered over 30 settlements in the mountainous area of Karabakh, including Tugh, Imarat-Garvand, Sirkhavand, Meshali, Jamilli, Umudlu, Garadaghli, Karkijahan, and other significant villages.

It should be noted that over 4,000 Azerbaijanis went missing as a result of the First Karabakh War. It is believed that the vast majority of them were systematically killed and buried in mass graves.


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