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Trend TV prepares video report on water supply to Karabakh

21 January 2021 14:50 (UTC+04:00)
Trend TV prepares video report on water supply to Karabakh

By Trend

The film crew of Trend’s Karabakh bureau prepared a video report on the water supply to the liberated territories, restoration of river flows, and irrigation of agricultural lands, Trend reports.

During the First Karabakh War, along with cities, regions, and villages, our national wealth was also transferred under the control of Armenians. The Armenians, having blocked our rivers and other water sources, left the lands and people in the front-line territories without water.

The most serious problem was the population's need for drinking and household water. After the victorious conclusion of the 44-day Patriotic War, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs originating in the mountains of Karabakh were also freed from the control of the occupiers. Among them is the Gargarchay River, formed from the confluence of the Khalfali and Zarysla rivers flowing along the eastern slope of the Karabakh ridge of the Lesser Caucasus. The length of the river, formed by the confluence of the rivers Kermanshah, Khalfali, and Zarysly, is 115 kilometers, the area is 1,490 square kilometers. The blocking of waterways by Armenians for many years has created problems, especially for Aghdam farmers.

During the Armenian occupation, the water of the Khachinchay River also did not flow over the front line. The Armenians blocked the river bed from the reservoir located in the previously occupied village of Khachintikinti. The Khachinchay River, 119 kilometers long, is formed by the confluence of the Shahyurd, Uyukhlu, Chichekli, and Alagay springs, which originate in the mountains of Karabakh. The river has a reservoir with a water volume of 23 million cubic meters. The depletion of this river has also led to dehydration of part of the land and a decrease in the level of groundwater.

Operational work has already begun to restore the water economy on the liberated lands. Soon all water resources will be fully restored, and new life will come to the land of the Karabakh region.


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