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More art lovers flock to museums [PHOTO]

30 July 2020 13:19 (UTC+04:00)
More art lovers flock to museums [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Museums around the world hold some of the most valuable and breathtaking artifacts in existence. They beckon people to explore new cultures through fascinating world of art.

With its rich art history and cultural heritages, Azerbaijan is home to multiple museums that are worth visiting.

More art lovers are flocking to the country`s museums. Number of museum visitors have increased in the country in recent years.

As of the beginning of 2020, the number of museum visitors amounted to 3 million 343 thousand people which is much bigger compared to previous years.

There are 239 museums in Azerbaijan, 76 of which are historical, 42 are memorial, 68 are local history, 41 are art museums, 12 are other museums.

Founded in 1967, the National Carpet Museum holds more than 14,000 exhibits of the finest Azerbaijani carpets.

The museum, initiated by Latif Karimov, an outstanding scientist and carpet weaver is beautiful inside and out. The new building of the Carpet Museum, designed in the form of a rolled carpet, opened in the Baku Seaside Park in 2014 and all carpets were transferred to this museum.

There are seven major carpet weaving schools distinguished by patterns, composition, color palette and techniques in Azerbaijan: Guba School, Baku or Absheron School, Shirvan School, Ganja School, Gazakh School, Karabakh School, Tabriz School.Guba carpet ornaments contain stylized vegetative.

In 2019, Azerbaijani carpet-making art was proclaimed a Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.

Azerbaijan National Art Museum holds multiple artistic exhibits waiting to be explored. Over 3,000 items in 60 rooms are on permanent display at the museum. Moreover, about 12,000 items are kept in storage.

Art works of Italian, French, German and Polish painters are displayed at the museum.

The second edifice built in 1885 houses Eastern art, represented particularly by Persian, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese art.

The works of Azerbaijani artists Mir Mohsun Navvab, Bahruz Kangarli, Tahir Salahov, Azim Azimzade, Salam Salamzade, Vidadi Narimanbeyov, Mikail Abdullayev, Togrul Narimanbeyov and sculptor Omar Eldarov are also kept in the museum halls.

Azerbaijan is also home to major contemporary art museums.

With stunning and immersive art works, Azerbaijan Modern Art Museum never cease to amaze its visitors.

Initiated by First-Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, the museum has been successfully operating since March 20, 2009.

The main feature of the museum is that it does not have fixed subject areas. The museum has open passages and walls that meet at different angles, united by unique conspicuous metallic structures. The chief designer of the museum is the artist Altay Sadikh-zadeh; the architect of the building is Jean Nouvel.

The National Modern Art Museum displays nearly 1,000 works of eminent contemporary artists and sculptors, well-known not only in Azerbaijan but also abroad.

The museum stores extraordinary paintings of such artists as Rasim Babayev, Fazil Najafov, Mammad Mustafayev, Fuad Salayev, Altay Sadikh-zadeh and others.

Moreover, the museum’s exposition treasures the works of the great European masters - the founders of the avant-garde style Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall. The classic of Western realism is represented by several paintings from a private collection.


Laman Ismayilova is AzerNews’ staff journalist, follow her on Twitter: @Lam_Ismayilova

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More art lovers flock to museums [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
More art lovers flock to museums [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
More art lovers flock to museums [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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