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Caucasus in spotlight of West: How will new life in Garabagh continue?

5 October 2023 18:10 (UTC+04:00)
Caucasus in spotlight of West: How will new life in Garabagh continue?
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The Eye of the West has turned towards the Caucasus, and the excellent local anti-terrorist operation carried out by Azerbaijan to eradicate the terrorist Armenian clans has given an eyewitness to the West on the way to the peaceful realization of the reintegration of the Armenian inhabitants of Garabagh. The accomplishments inscribed in history, under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Azerbaijani President, continue to delight the Azerbaijani people and open the eyes of the world to the truth, in the genocides committed by the Armenian clan about 33 years ago.

"What you sow is what you reap", with such a winged proverb one can characterize the recent actions of both patrons and vassals, Armenians, where for decades both sides have been conducting slanderous propaganda activities against Azerbaijan, which eventually turned out to be a disaster for the former. The wall of lies built with cheap material fell apart for the vassals of the junta, but the patrons did not stop there.

Russia's war with Ukraine has affected the whole world, and many powers and structures that had not been in the information field of Azerbaijan before have sharply increased. The European Union, the United Nations, and some political figures of these authorities, along with the Americans, boycotted Azerbaijan. It is no secret that the Armenian Diaspora has secured support for various reasons and benefits from such powers and structures, where the obvious signs of support for separatists are no longer valid, and turned its eyes to the opposition of Russia.

Having spoilt political relations, Armenia continues to act in the Western way, refusing Russia to conduct military exercises to please the United States, ratifying the Rome Statute to the detriment of the Russian Federation, accusing Israel of helping Azerbaijan, closely cooperating with Iran under the skirt of France.

Geopolitics never ceases to amaze. These structures of the EU, UN, and others did not support Azerbaijan, the expulsion of inhabitants from villages and towns, and brutal murders committed by Armenians were not made public. Silence is a sign of agreement.

The hatred and anger of Armenians after the liberation of their lands by Azerbaijan was reflected in attacks on the consulates of Azerbaijan and Turkiye, in Lebanon, in Iran, attacks on Turkish and Azerbaijani diplomats. The process of reintegration of the Armenian inhabitants of Garabagh, who showed their desire to stay in Garabagh at the suggestion of Azerbaijan, also influenced the masses of those Armenians who support terrorists, attacking the Azerbaijani state website on reintegration for the Armenian inhabitants of Garabagh.

No other country in the world has treated so peacefully and kindly the inhabitants of the country that lost, and even here it was not without propaganda of Armenians around the world.

Armenian blogger Roman Baghdasaryan admitted that the separatist military junta in Garabagh deliberately starved Armenians to feed the illusion of a "humanitarian catastrophe", where he also confirmed the lies about the fake "disabled" and veterans. The series of these events pushed Armenians to desperate actions, where on 2 October the units of the Armenian armed forces opened fire on the positions of the Azerbaijani army, located in the direction of the settlement of Basaksehir district.

The restoration of Azerbaijan's control over the entire territory of Garabagh has also triggered a wave of anti-Semitism in Armenian public discourse, the Begin-Sadat Centre noted. A number of anti-Semitic elements used by Armenians are disliked by Israel because of its modernization of the Azerbaijani army, although a number of other countries including Turkiye, Russia, and Belarus have also participated in it. Active use by Armenian authorities and political organizations of comparing the current "suffering" of Armenians to the Holocaust to achieve political goals, attacks on mountain Jews, use of Nazi Aryan race theory, as well as sympathy for Iran in its confrontation with Israel, in their idea of "Aryan unity" between Armenians and Iranians.

"Legend has it that Hercules was Armenian."

Citing Critical Threats with the Institute for the Study of War, Armenia is one of the few countries that receives Iranian UAVs.

In order to preserve one's nation, one must follow these well-known principles - "Do not believe, do not fear, do not ask".

The wave of Armenian hatred after Azerbaijan restored its territories did not end there. After numerous attempts by the Armenian authorities to destabilize and sow lies to the masses around the world, the truth is coming out. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller at a briefing ignored the Armenian side's claims of alleged "ethnic cleansing" in Garabagh, and this is on a par with the UN mission's visit to Garabagh, where it was stated that there was no damage to civil and public infrastructure and the delegation did not receive any complaints from the local population after the ceasefire during the local anti-terrorist operation. How many more skeletons do the Armenian authorities have in their wardrobe?

Spoiling relations with Russia and Israel, Armenians did not stop their endless aggression. At the end of September, Poghosyan, former assistant to the chief national security adviser to the Armenian president, publicly voiced his claims to Crimea: "We can take Artavir, Sochi, and Crimea; Crimea is 70% Armenian by right. These statements resemble MK-ultra's mass consciousness management; it is not new for Armenians to have claims to everything around them.

On 3 October, the European Parliament held hearings on the situation in Garabagh, where more than 40 ardent pro-Armenian MEPs spoke, calling for sanctions against the Republic of Azerbaijan and revision of agreements on the supply of Azerbaijani gas to the EU countries.

The separatists, who were taken out of their hiding-places and arrested, tried to call their patrons in the European Parliament at a critical moment. The statement made by Andrius Kubilius, a European Union MEP and former Lithuanian prime minister against Azerbaijan is nothing but a statement that has no logical basis in the truest sense of the word:

"Azerbaijan's attempts to build a transit corridor from Nakhchivan must be stopped. The EU must demonstrate its unwavering support for the democratically elected Pashinyan government, which is clearly taking steps to distance Armenia from Russia. In the real prospect of very tough sanctions, the EU needs to crack down on Azerbaijan's (AR) attempts to build an extraterritorial transit corridor from Nakhchivan.... The EU must be prepared to co-operate much more closely with Armenia on security and economic issues..."

The European Union and other "Euro" countries, where France has supported terrorist organizations for decades, participated in genocide, and today directly speaks about military support to Armenia and direct interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan on the sovereign territory of the country.

Mayors of more than 20 French cities, including Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, called on the French leadership and the EU to send a military "peacekeeping" contingent to Garabagh. At the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and France, the French Foreign Minister also said that Paris has agreed to sign a 'document' with Yerevan, which will allow the transfer of military equipment to Yerevan.

The statement "France is always with Armenia" finally tore off all the masks from France's claims to be an honest and neutral mediator.

While the patrons are scrambling and thinking about how to mess with Azerbaijan and unleash some kind of war in the region, Azerbaijan is justly solving its affairs by catching the leaders of the junta that were involved in many crimes against the Azerbaijani people, where the last one caught is the former "president" of the unrecognized state in Khankendi, Araik Harutyunyan.

It might be a pleasure for Armenia to believe with their ears, that Catherine Colonna, the French FM, came to Yerevan to console her vassals after the defeat of the junta regime in Khankendi. She generously gives out promises of providing 12.5 million euros to help "refugees", being ready to sign an agreement on the supply of military equipment in the future, extending civil protection mechanisms to Yerevan, strengthening the mandate of the European observers' mission, opening a consulate in Syunik, and finally, healing wounds with balm of verbal promises. Yerevan's avidity for revenge based on French support may cause a bit of hassle for Azerbaijan, it will create some problems, but it is not a mortal threat, which for Armenia may be suicidal.

For Nikol Pashinyan there is a chance to set a record for the wars unleashed and lost, the battle in Tovuz, in the 44-day war, Lake Garagol, the battles at Istisu, and the defeat of the junta.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev said "The dirty campaign conducted against us today does not and will not have any significance. No one will be able to influence our will".

It is true. Every word spoken already reflects a truth. As the head of state said, the end of the game has come for the junta regime.


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