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How separatists block their own way? - Armenia's bad habit exposes another lie

24 July 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
How separatists block their own way? - Armenia's bad habit exposes another lie
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The development of a nation occurs with its progressive thinking. To move towards destruction, it is enough to be on the wrong path.

For hundreds of years, Armenia's attempts to prove itself as a progressive and intelligent nation have always failed. And the reason is neither very simple nor based on a rational subject - the reason is simply that everything is based on a lie...

From the founders of the claims of "great Armenia" to today's fans of the so-called republic, Armenia is going through a long historical path full of lies. However, as the genius Mark Twain said, "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes" expresses the complete lifestyle of Armenians today.

Armenia's claims regarding the Lachin road have been turned into a new agenda by separatist tendencies in recent days. Those who once fabricated the so-called Armenian genocide, are now starting to write the beginning of a new story - "Mass ethnic cleansing in Karabakh" using the Lachin road as an excuse.

Indeed, bad habits are very harmful and shameful. Such habits take neither possibilities nor realities into account. 100 years ago, when the Armenians started the genocide story to amaze the world, then there were neither visual facts nor today's opportunities. But to repeat it in today's conditions is nothing more than self-exposure. Armenia's spontaneous actions are exposing themselves today in the truest sense of the word.

The latest images of the situation on the Lachin road have been repeatedly broadcast on air and in videos shared on social networks. Armenian minorities who want to go to Karabakh and are considered actual citizens of Azerbaijan have always been treated kindly by Azerbaijani border guards and served within the framework of the rules. It is clear that the Lachin road is not intended to limit the movement of Armenian minorities, but only for the sake of security. This is aimed not only at the security of Azerbaijan, but also of the Armenian minorities in Karabakh. However, Armenia and separatist elements are constantly trying to dress it up differently. First of all, this is an unfounded claim against the legal territory of Azerbaijan. The next thing is that the goal is not pure. If Armenia really cares about the Armenian minority in Karabakh, then why does it build concrete barriers on the Aghdam-Khojali road? So this time the Armenians exposed their lies with a cheap trick. Such maneuvers are not enough for Azerbaijan, but only for France and its patrons in the West. Because Azerbaijan is familiar with all the games of Armenians in the Caucasus and it is completely clear what the intention is.

While the separatist leaders, fed on calories a day, posed for pictures and talked about hunger in Karabakh, Azerbaijan actually thought about the fate of the Armenian minorities. Although they tried to blacken the Lachin border check point with a thousand tricks and provocations, and tried to play games with the help of the Red Cross organization, Azerbaijan showed the world what the real bad intentions of Armenia are by showing an honest position. They turned the death of the children into a political game and made up false accusations on behalf of the people. However, Azerbaijan again showed its generosity and extended a helping hand. The concrete barriers on the Aghdam-Khojali road once again clearly reflected what the Armenian separatists want to do in the territories of Azerbaijan.

Just look: what can you imagine when you see this picture? Ahead is a mentor and a bunch of kids and teenagers listening to her dictation. It can be said with absolute certainty that those children are not even aware of the incident... The separatists are so helpless that they are unable to deceive adults, they take children to the streets and form a fake protest scene with placards for the sake of their insidious intentions.

Although the Armenian media has deafened and blinded itself, and the world easily accepts their lies, the truth will still remain the truth. The border checkpoint on Lachin road is a legal border checkpoint located in the legal territories of Azerbaijan, and any foreign passport holder must be checked and enter the country. Azerbaijan has never been assertive against anyone's territorial integrity and is not at present. Be it Armenia or the West, sooner or later these truths will become accepted law for them.


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