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Shocking news about Iskander-M shown in Armenian parade

24 September 2016 17:19 (UTC+04:00)
Shocking news about Iskander-M shown in Armenian parade

Shocking reports have been spread in Armenian social networks about Russian Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems demonstrated in Armenian military parade Sept.21.

The reports say that those Iskander-M missile systems, which haven’t been exported to any country, were sent from Erebuni airport to Russian 102nd military base stationed in Armenia.

A social network user Arman Manukyan wrote that he learned about this after hearing a dialogue between Armenian police chief Vladimir Gasparyan and lieutenant colonel Galstyan who were accompanying the military equipment after withdrawing it from the square following the parade.

In the comments to these remarks, the users noted that lieutenant colonel Galstyan is the deputy head of the military equipment department of Armenian armed forces.

Despite the denial of the Armenian side, Russian expert, military analyst Alexander Khramchikhin has also said that Iskander missile systems do not belong to Armenia.

Armenian expert Karen Karapetyan has said that this is a game of Armenian leadership to calm down the Armenian people, who are in a depressed state after the April events, and draw them away from anti-Russian sentiment.

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