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West's dual policy may turn it to undesirable side in Baku-Yerevan peace talks

23 March 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
West's dual policy may turn it to undesirable side in Baku-Yerevan peace talks

By Shahin Shukurov / AZERNEWS

Looking at the process of normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations from the angle of the West, it becomes clear once again that it is not worth waiting for any positive result related to ensuring security in the region at the last moment.

The point is that Armenia interests not only France, but also some politicians from England and the European Parliament to pro-Armenian politicians in the US Congress. Even in the British Parliament, there have been politicians who care more about Armenians than Armenians do themselves, tell blatant lies and make biased claims against Azerbaijan.

Timothy Loughton, a politician from the conservative party in the British Parliament and also known as a banker, has emerged as another figure who fanatically defends Armenians. Loughton, who did not know what he was talking about, called the anti-terrorist measures in Garabagh ethnic cleansing, following the footsteps of other pro-Armenian politicians like him. T. Loughton says that Armenians who in fact left Garabagh on their own volitions are ‘refugees’ and ‘ethnic cleansing policy’ was implemented against them.

In the face of such a thinking mentality, there is nothing left to say. Those who were actually killed by Armenians in Garabagh in the 1990s are left aside, suffering the pain of the living is literally a bitter scene for a dump politician. Loughton, who is the head of the UK-Armenian friendship group, then touched on the issue of separatist leaders imprisoned in Baku to add some excitement. Loughton simply does not know or does not want to know that Arayik Harutyunyan, who is in prison, is responsible for the cluster bombs that were dropped on the city of Ganja. He is one of the authors of the cunning operation that caused killing of civilians in the Second Karabakh War in 2020. Loughton tries to pretend to be part of the crime by defending Armenian separatist criminals in jail.

Double standards and the hypocrisy of the West

Azerbaijan has several times called on the European Union and the United States to put an end to double standards. This has been uttered through a number of statements in response to their frequent attempts to bend the rules and act behind the scene with Armenia against Azerbaijan.

They think that Azerbaijan is not aware of what they are doing behind the scenes. However, official Baku understands very well the essence of the Brussels meeting planned between the USA, the EU and Armenia on April 5. In fact, any meeting held in the context of peace without the participation or official permission of Baku is considered insignificant. This is not only an illegal step taken against Azerbaijan, but it is also considered against the principles of law. While both Azerbaijan and Armenia are thinking about the future of the South Caucasus, then the purpose of this secret tripartite meeting planned to be held in Brussels remains under direct question.

Azerbaijan believes that the Brussels meeting, against the background of the recent hostile campaign aimed at Azerbaijan by some circles, especially the attempts to provide military aid to Armenia through the "European Peace Facility" (EPF), does not serve to advance the peace agenda between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and it is a wrong step.

Thus, the West has once again undermined its credibility in front of Azerbaijan by acting on double standards, and in response to this, official Baku may consider the participation of the West in the Armenian-Azerbaijani peace negotiations process undesirable.


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