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Yerevan's blind policy endangers South Caucasus

3 March 2024 18:00 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan's blind policy endangers South Caucasus
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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Recently, the games played by Armenia in the political arena are like the blind behavior of a child. In desperate situations, Yerevan, which does not know what to do, still cannot make a decision. In a region with many economic opportunities, such as the South Caucasus, it is strange in any way that a state like Armenia is still unable to define its position, especially that it is deprived of a strategic alliance with Turkiye and Azerbaijan as a neighboring state. Because this country tries to create provocation and tension in the region at every opportunity, but in the end, it falls a victim of all the sabotage plans it made.

It is worth noting that after the 44-day Second Garabagh War, which began in September 2020 and ended with Azerbaijan's glorious victory on November 8, and the local anti-terror measures carried out in September 2023, one of the issues remaining between Azerbaijan and Armenia is the opening the communication lines, i.e., making the Zangazur Corridor fully operational in the South Caucasus.

The opening of this Corridor will first of all create a transition with the main territory of Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, which part of Azerbaijan's territory and is of great importance within the framework of the regional political configuration. Also, it can lead to the creation of a new road between Azerbaijan and Turkiye, thus bringing the countries of the Turkic World closer together.

In addition, Zangazur Corridor constitutes a new alternative to China's growing economic transport network in recent years. This alternative can facilitate the transportation of goods from China to Turkiye's eastern provinces, and from there to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea or the Istanbul Bosporus. Thus, the Zangazur Corridor has the potential to act as an important trade route between the European and Asian continents.

However, this project does not correspond to the insidious plans of Armenia and deeply undermines plans of both the Armenian government and its western allies.

That is why the official Yerevan sometimes blames its allies, and especially Russia, for their lack of support in blocking this economically important and traditional silk way connecting east and west.

CSTO secretary general: if Armenia applies to CSTO for military assistance, it will be provided

The main reason for Armenia's turning away from its ex-ally Russia is the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on for the past few years. The fact that the main but ex-patron of Pashinyan's power is engaged in completely different affairs and unable to provide Armenians with military equipment results in the possibility of Armenia not only look for a patron elsewhere, but also leaving the CSTO.

Armenia, powerless without Russia's help in front of Azerbaijan, is resorting to every way it can find, begging for help, even accusing its own citizens for the heavy defeat of its unjustified war, and taking stupid steps in political arean.

Speaker of the RA National Assembly Alen Simonyan met the media representatives at the RA NA

Alen Simonyan, a speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, claimed that the Armenian government was supposed to join the Belarusian-Russian Union, but the local people prevented these plans by electing Pashinyan's government, and he describes the Armenian nation as the culprit of its failed policies.

It is clear that Armenians are just as incompetent in the fair diplomacy as they are "skilled" in committing genocide against the population and spreading false information. The proof of this is that people who should protect the rights of their citizens and speak on their behalf blame their own nations for their fault.

The speaker also drew attention to Azerbaijan's relations with Russia and tried to increase the prejudice of the West against Azerbaijan, which is already counting the days to undermine the Russian authorities.

With such speeches, Armenia prepares its own end and intends to trigger a new war against Azerbaijan. At this time, the government relies on the West, especially on its seemingly friendly enemy, France.

However, it is crystal clear that France uses Armenia to make a space for itself in the South Caucasus. This country, which has lost its colonial territories in Africa, is looking for a better zone which will give it greater strategic opportunity to fight in three fronts against Russia, Turkiye and, of course, Azerbaijan. At a time that the South Caucasus needs security and peace, Armenia is the only country in the region that makes irreparable mistakes relying on France's insidious plans.

We should not forget that Armenia had got a heavy response to every provocative step it has taken so far, and Azerbaijan has sufficiently reminded its place and limits. If this country's officials still think that Armenia can regain hegemony in the lands it once occupied through numerous provocations and banal speeches, it is possible to say that Armenia is governed by a mindset that cannot draw conclusions from its mistakes and is ready to jeopardize the region amidst the process of making peace talks.


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