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Armenia adapts to scarce humanitarian aid rather than reintegration

5 February 2024 21:41 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia adapts to scarce humanitarian aid rather than reintegration
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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After the anti-terrorist measures in Garabagh, safe and comfortable conditions were created not only for the Azerbaijani army but also for Armenian residents who rationally decided to stay and live in Garabagh as citizens of Azerbaijan. Employees of the Red Crescent Society of Azerbaijan witnessed this once again when they visited the Armenian residents living in Garabagh.

It became clear that not only livelihood and wealth but also safe conditions play an important role in human life.

However, Armenia, together with its lobbyist supporters in foreign countries, do not think so. They believed that the stay of the separatist regime in Garabagh would promise something good for poor Armenian society. But six months have passed, and people feel what real state care and security are. People are always victims of terrible mistakes made by oppressors and regimes. This time again, Armenian society became a tool for the insidious policies of the separatist regime and lobbyists.

In fact, as a normal citizen, it was possible to stay in Garabagh and get help from the state. However, it seems that Armenia has adapted to the scarce humanitarian aid sent by USAID and other organisations. For Azerbaijan, it makes no difference. Let everyone have a good life, but do not raise prejudices about the place they left voluntarily.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Armenia has thanked the organisation of the United States for helping “19,300 Armenians” who were allegedly "expelled" from Garabagh.

"Thanks to this assistance, 19,300 people forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh will receive primary humanitarian assistance within the framework of the USAID-funded Social Protection, Inclusion and Empowerment program."

It is noted in the information that USAID's list of humanitarian aid includes food and hygiene products.

USAID Acting Deputy Mission Director in Armenia Matthew Laird noted that since the end of September 2023, USAID has allocated $9.27 million to Armenians who have left Garabagh on their own volition.

Looking back, that is, at the current situation of the Armenians living in Garabagh, the current scene of a society that forced itself to be labelled as forcibly displaced people is extremely tragicomic. If USAID official Laird had compared the scene of Armenians returning to Yerevan in their comfortable private cars with the situation of the Azerbaijani refugees who fought for their lives in the cold and snowy desert with bare feet in the 1990s, he would not have called Armenians "a suffering society" in his statement to the Armenian media.

Today, the Armenian society living in Garabagh is really happy with the care of the Red Crescent Society, which the Armenian side does not like.

But the realities reflect the truth, though the mouthpieces that once blocked the Aghdam road to humanitarian aid and supported the separatists do not want to accept it. A society that stays in Yerevan and hopes for help from an unreliable regime that can't even help itself can only suffer from not distinguishing between good and evil.

The Red Crescent held a joint meeting with the ICRC and discussed the welfare of the Armenian residents in the region, so no further comment is needed.

Be sure that the life of no Armenian living in Azerbaijan can be as dangerous as the hazy future of Armenian society, which has become a tool of Armenian separatism.


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