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Yerevan's problem is not Garabagh, but jealousy

15 August 2023 13:00 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan's problem is not Garabagh, but jealousy
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The Armenian society, which is used to be cossetted and to hear always pleasant words in its favour, even if it's a lie, was shocked this time. In addition, the direction of the object, which shocked the Armenians, was from a completely different place. The issue is related to the European Commission, which poured salt onto the Armenians' wounds...

Armenia believes that all diplomatic representatives of the European Union should be at their disposal, and when they start spreading some lies, those officials whom they have bribed should say an Amen to every new idea. However, yesterday, a group of ill-minded Armenians was disturbed by the posting of high-ranking diplomat of the European Commission, Lawrence Meredith, on his official X (former Twitter) page promoting tourism in Azerbaijan. His posts caused some rumours and even Lawrence Meredith was unfairly criticized by some pro-Armenian officials.

It is not a secret that today many legal institutions of Europe are being manipulated by the Armenian diaspora. International laws are just a piece of paper for Armenia.

Armenia knows very well that raising a ruckus by appealing to international institutions regarding the issue of Lachin is just a show. In reality, Yerevan has long accepted that it is a defeated party.

Even Armenia has not been able to accept itself as an independent state. If that were the case, it would not have interpreted its humiliated defeat in the Patriotic War in different ways.

For example, the fact that Armenia often associates its big defeat in 2020 with Turkiye is due to its helplessness. This reminds us of a confused and illogical argument of the former defence minister of the puppet state, David Tonoyan - "During the second Karabakh war, the level of the Armenian army was 4 times lower than the Azerbaijani Army. Our military aviation and air defence system was non-existent. However, if Turkiye had not defended them, we would have defeated Azerbaijan."

This illogicality is actually a stain absorbed into the way of thinking of the Armenian society. Dressing up the defeat in different modes and comforting oneself senselessly is a typical act of Armenians. If you accept that the military potential of the Azerbaijani Army is superior, the rest is a load of baloney.

As for the next Armenian provocation around Lachin, it can be called a step without thinking about the consequences. We know every step you take, we know how to predict your every manoeuvre in advance. You don't want to shout to the world, you want to arrange your military junk that you bought from India or something left from the Soviet era around Lachin. This does not make any difference for Azerbaijan. Although European international organizations serve for you, international laws are the same for us, and you yourself have acknowledged our military power. You claim that Garabagh is in "blockade", but again it is impossible to see your logic here. If what you say is true, then how logical is it for a country to blockade its own territory?

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic - Wikipedia

If we talk about the blockade, then let's talk about the fact that Nakhchivan has been under blockade for more than 30 years. Why did Armenia cause the territory of one country divided into two parts and prevent movement in between? If you and your patrons had the slightest sense of justice and logic, international laws would not become a toy in your hands.

If you wanted peace, you would not hinder the integration process, if you wanted development in the region, you would be aware of who is a builder and who is a destroyer, and finally, if you loved the people of Karabakh, you would agree to the humanitarian aid allocated for them passing through the Aghdam-Khankendi road. Your goal is different. Your problem is not Garabagh, it's just jealousy and grudge burning inside you.


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