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Azerbaijan’s clean sweep over French-Armenian tandem around strategic corridor

31 December 2022 09:59 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan’s clean sweep over French-Armenian tandem around strategic corridor

On December 20-21, France and Armenia had a UN Security Council meeting convened to deliberate the unfolding situation around the Lachin road.

This followed the events of September 2022, when, at Yerevan's request and France’s direct diplomatic initiative, the item, entitled “Letter of the Permanent Representative of Armenia to the UN”, was included in the agenda of the UN Security Council.

The French-Armenian tandem, back in September of 2022, did their best to have a document adopted by the UN Security Council on the results of the events that occurred at that time. However, the anti-Azerbaijani plans of the two states ended in a fiasco at that point again.

Immediately after the discussions on December 20-21, France, as a permanent member and chair of the UN Security Council (permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council act as chairmen, alternating once a month) prepared an insidious and unambiguously pro-Armenian text of a resolution, according to which the situation on the road Lachin-Khankendi was presented as a “humanitarian catastrophe”.

Fierce discussions and disputes went on for over ten days around this document, promoted and actively lobbied by the administration of the French president and Macron's foreign policy advisers, which eventually ended with France officially announcing that it was suspending the process of promoting this document, which can be regarded as another diplomatic victory of President Ilham Aliyev and his present to the Azerbaijani people ahead of the New Year 2023.

The UK, the UAE, Russia, and Albania opposed the French initiative and gave full support to Azerbaijan. The people of Azerbaijan are grateful to the friendly nations for their principled and fair position.


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