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Operation Revenge should be a lesson and last warning to Armenia - Trend news agency deputy director

4 August 2022 16:51 (UTC+04:00)
Operation Revenge should be a lesson and last warning to Armenia - Trend news agency deputy director

By Trend

The crushing blows inflicted by Azerbaijani army on the illegal Armenian armed forces in Karabakh should serve as a great lesson for Armenia, as well as a final warning, Deputy Director of Trend news agency, political expert Sahil Karimli said.

"With retaliatory operation "Revenge", the Azerbaijani army has once again shown that terrorism and separatism in the sovereign territories of the country will be eliminated at any cost," he said.

Karimli noted that the sooner Armenia begins to implement provisions of the trilateral treaty of November 10, the better.

"The leadership of Armenia, which signed the act of surrender during the 44-day war second Karabakh war, has not fulfilled its obligations for almost two years. During this period, the Azerbaijani state approached the processes with patience and restraint and tried to resolve the issue peacefully, at the negotiating table. President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly stated that Azerbaijan does not want a new war in the region. But, unfortunately Armenia did not draw conclusions from these warnings. Azerbaijan's counter-terrorism operation has made it clear that the patience of the Azerbaijani state is not unlimited," Karimli said.

He added, that after the war, Azerbaijan repeatedly gave Armenia a chance by demanding the withdrawal of illegal armed terrorist elements, but the Armenian side ignored these chances.

According to him, as a result of the retaliation, several commanding heights were taken under control, a large number of manpower and military equipment of Armenian militants was destroyed.

Karimli noted, that the Armenian side should draw up conclusion from all of this.

"Today the whole world, international organizations should put serious pressure on Armenia. Armenia must be forced to implement its obligations. Azerbaijan is categorically against new war. Our country wants to achieve long-term peace and security in the South Caucasus. Recent incidents show that the only force that wants to prevent peace is Armenia," he stressed.


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