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Czech parliament speaker sees "peace" in more pressure on Baku

1 February 2024 21:00 (UTC+04:00)
Czech parliament speaker sees "peace" in more pressure on Baku
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Recently, the ranks of Western officials, popular for their anti-Azerbaijani statements, continue to expand. First, visiting Yerevan and then Baku with the purpose of pressure, these officials resort to any means other than adhering to peace and try to defend the occupying state without hesitation.

So far, official Baku witnessed the pro-Armenian positions and double standards of the MFAs of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Finally, the West being loyal to its tradition, adds another official in the list of "peace makers", who is active in claims against Azerbaijan - Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

Recall that earlier the Speaker had announced her intention to visit Armenia and then to visit Azerbaijan, and while in Yerevan, she stated about the necessity of putting pressure on Baku: "We will use all possibilities to put pressure on Baku to take part in negotiations."

It is interesting that Mrs. Adamova, who has followed the course of politicians trying to challenge the official Baku before, for some reason considers it appropriate for the negotiations between the parties to take place by force. Of course, if we approach the principle of democracy and human rights, we can say that this approach of the Czech speaker is against the EU's human rights doctrines. However, seeing her position, which does not differ from other politicians, makes you think about what this statement implies.

Azerbaijan is no longer interested in proving and convincing someone. Undoubtedly, those who visit first Yeravan also know the way of Baku, and they know the situation of Garabagh thirty years ago. Just because today's conditions do not suit their goals, they blind themselves.

How does it happen that during the occupation, when thousands of civilians were killed by Armenians and expelled from their homes, the European Union and the West refrained from using expressions such as ethnic cleansing and genocide. However, a community that left Garabagh on their own voliton and is still alive is called "dead". The real ethnic cleansing happened three decades ago, but today Armenia is paying the price for its sins.

In the Czech Speaker's opinion, the best option to support Armenia and Azerbaijan is international organizations that were created for this purpose, such as the UN organisations and other bodies. So, why for such long time, during Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani territories, international organisations did not take any decisive step?

The countries of the European Union alliance and their corrupt officials surely know about the atrocities committed by Armenian separatists during the 30th occupation of Azerbaijani lands. But to please their crusader masters, they use Armenia in their political game. As the Ukrainian-Russian war has had a great impact on Europe and the West, many countries that were dependent on Russian energy resources are undergoing crises. The Czech Republic is looking for ways to replace the use of Russian energy resources, and Azerbaijan plays an important role in supplying energy resources to the Czech Republic, as well as to most EU countries.

It should be noted that all Western European officials who want to "help" in achieving peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, only keep using the words "put pressure". By exerting pressure, adopting resolutions, and imposing all kinds of sanctions on Azerbaijan, as exemplified by France, only Paris has lost and is drowning in crisis.

Undoubtedly, France has its hand in this process of anti-Azerbaijani statements and uses its vassals to promote its policy. It should be recalled that it is with the help of France and its influence on European countries that the Armenian authorities enjoy support from the Union countries in the idea of revanchism and its militarization.

It is known that French President Macron persuaded Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany, to put pressure on Azerbaijan, after which the initiative of militarization of Armenia by France started. On the air of a political talk show on an Armenian TV channel, pro-Armenian journalist of La Figaro newspaper Jean Christophe Buisson talked about his conversation with Macron.

"We were preparing for an interview with him. Everything went as usual. Taking advantage of a moment's silence, I asked Macron a question: 'There is a "genocide" of Armenians in Garabagh by Azerbaijan. Is there nothing you can do to help them?" Macron said that for now it would be difficult for him alone to do so. He said he can't do anything unless Germany is with him.

Macron said that if he had at least minimal support from other countries, he would help Armenia. The French leader emphasized that part of Europe depends on Azerbaijani gas. According to Macron, some time ago he managed to convince Olaf Scholz of the pro-Armenian and anti-Azerbaijani policy as well.

The higher the bar of pressure from European officials and countries on Azerbaijan rises, the more they will suffer. Crises in European countries are not caused by Azerbaijan but by the policy of great "democracy" of these countries.


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