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South Caucasus triangle: France's ploy to intervene in region

14 November 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
South Caucasus triangle: France's ploy to intervene in region
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Politics is a force that can overcome all wills and even brotherhood and friendship. Because politics serves the requirements and principles of the existing time more than national and ethnic values.

The same climate currently exists in the South Caucasus. We are talking about the triangle of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia, which is a complete part of the region. Although it is necessary to take steps towards peace negotiations in the South Caucasus, certain obstacles from both outside and inside are delaying the process.

France's desire to arm Armenia at such a moment and the green light on the way to pursue this harmful aspiration cannot be considered fvourable to the fate of the entire South Caucasus.

On the night of November 12, the French multi-purpose armored vehicle Bastion manufactured by Acmat was loaded in the Georgian port of Poti. According to information France transferred military equipment to Armenia through Georgia, which caused bewilderment.

Knowing that France has long held Armenia close to itself and by its hands wants to impose "order" in the South Caucasus, this deal undermines the path to achieving a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

In the meantime, the Georgian government expressed its desire to be a mediator in the mentioned peace process, and after that it became a mediator, even partially, on the issue of weapons, somewhat damaging the transparency of the processes.
In a comment for AZERNEWS, Georgian expert and journalist Gela Vasadze said that Georgia has not officially expressed any statements on this issue, where Georgia's position on the conclusion of a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia is clear - according to him, it was proposed to meet in Tbilisi as a platform for peace treaties.

"This proposal was voiced during President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Tbilisi. As for the relations between France, Azerbaijan, and Armenia in this case Georgia did not express any position, that is in principle from the point of view of the Georgian government it is a matter for Paris, Yerevan, and Baku. We have offered ourselves, in Tbilisi; we are not mediators, as mediators are directly involved in the process, we are just a host party. Therefore, in my personal opinion, this is an ideal platform for peace treaties, where no other force will interfere," Vasadze said.

France's continued policy of arming Armenia is crossing a line where peaceful settlement and coexistence in the South Caucasus requires it to meet its neighbors, namely Azerbaijan in its offer of joint efforts for peaceful coexistence in the Caucasus. Armenia may be equipping itself with "offensive" weapons for stability and defense, and while Azerbaijan has taken the return of Armenians back to Garabagh on the table, Armenia is ignoring the same right of return of Western Azerbaijanis. Theoretically, one can assume that something more serious will follow the "Bastions". And based on these assumptions Armenia may well undertake another armed provocation.

The West has long had its eye on the South Caucasus region and is looking for ways to establish itself on Armenian territory, to neutralise Russian influence in the region, and possibly to undermine ways to achieve the 3+3 format.

Unfortunately, Gela Vasadze expressed a somewhat cold attitude towards this format, considering only the Russian factor. Putting aside all economic interests, he noted that supposedly the 3+3 format is a factor that enables Russia to permanently remain in the South Caucasus. However, this format can create a common interest platform for all the states included in the format in the South Caucasus.

The Georgian journalist added that Armenia's support for the 3+3 format can only be of a formal nature. But if we look at the basis of the matter, Pashinyan's main goal is to integrate into the European Union with all his strength. For example, according to Vasadze, Georgia is more inclined to integrate into the EU just like Armenia.

In fact, a careful look at history suggests that Georgia's current approach increases the risk of creating a kind of threat to its territorial integrity. Georgian authorities need to think about the interests and security of Georgia itself. Including taking into account some unfavorable circumstances in which Armenia is laying claims to a part of Georgian territory.

In 1918, after barely appearing on the map of the South Caucasus, Armenia unleashed a war not only with Azerbaijan but also with Georgia over the Borchaly district. Moreover, the fact that after the "Sovietisation" of Armenia the Lori lands were presented as a gift to Armenia has not only whetted Yerevan's appetite. Today Yerevan is openly laying claims to Georgian Javakheti, which Yerevan has already renamed "Javakh". It is also possible that 50,000 Armenians who left Garabagh, not wishing to stay in Yerevan, will move to Abkhazia.


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