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British pundit: Azerbaijan will achieve its objectives regarding Garabagh

20 September 2023 21:59 (UTC+04:00)
British pundit: Azerbaijan will achieve its objectives regarding Garabagh
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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After the humiliating defeat in 2020 and inking the November 10 declaration, contrary to all expectations, both Armenia and its puppet separatist regime in Garabagh have not stayed still. They have resorted to all kinds of provocations and tried to draw other forces, such as France, the USA, and so on, into the region. Violating the provisions of the November 10 Declaration, they did not unblock the communications; continued to transfer ammunition and military personnel through the Lachin-Khankendi road; and even did not hesitate to hold the entire population of Garabagh as hostages. Sneaking into the liberated territories and planting landmines was the worst among the provocations. Due to this terrorist tactic used by PKK terror organizations, Azerbaijan has lost 61 people for three years since the endorsement of the November 10 Declaration.

As a matter of course, Azerbaijan did its best to keep the situation under control, but the Armenian side raised the stakes every time; they found new measures, new tactics every time. Thus, the tensions between Azerbaijan and the separatist regime formed and supported by Armenia broke out once again in the wake of the terror acts resulting in the death of 9 on September 19. So, Azerbaijan was obliged to take more strict steps and commenced the anti-terror activities in Garabagh for ensuring prevention of possible future terror acts and fulfillment of the provisions of the November 10 Declaration. The anti-terror activities lasted one day. The separatist gang in Garabagh tried to resist and called for help its mouthpieces, but no country in the world, including its patron Armenia did not or could not come to the help. Finally, the separatist regime surrendered, accepted all condition declared by Azerbaijan and the meeting is expected on September 21.

So, there is one big question that interests everyone in the region. What will be next?

Azernews learned the opinion of British journalist and political scientist, Neil Watson on the issue. He noted that after three years of Armenian prevarication and obstreperousness, the recent politicisation of aid supplies, the unrecognised ‘elections’ by the illegal Armenian regime in Khankendi, the failure to remove Armenian forces from Garabagh, and the moving of Armenian forces close to the border, it only took the anti tank mine explosions and resultant deaths to tip the situation into high tension.

“I believe that Azerbaijan will eliminate the illegal Armenian regime in Khankendi and reassert its control over Garabagh. It is using precise weaponry and will not deliberately cause civilian casualties, for the Garabagh Armenians are Azerbaijani citizens and this is being fought on Azerbaijani soil. I believe that, ultimately, Russian involvement in the South Caucasus will be minimised. My one concern is that Pashinyan, who is being called ‘traitor’ by some of his own people, will be removed and someone more deluded and belligerent will replace him. Although he is ineffective at persuading his population, the diaspora and Armenian supporters, I believe he reluctantly understands the need for peace. Azerbaijan will achieve its objectives. Let us hope this ends soon with minimal requirement for martyrdom,” Neil Watson conclude.


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