Kazakhstan boosts protections of entrepreneurs’ rights

Kazakhstan's Prosecutor General's and National Chamber of Entrepreneurs have signed a Memorandum on Cooperation, the Office said.

The parties agreed to further consolidate the efforts aimed at solution of topical issues of development of entrepreneurship and preventing the violation of entrepreneurs' rights .

The document was undersigned by Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbayev and Chamber'd Chairman Timur Kulibayev.

Daulbayev said the protection of entrepreneurship is the priority in the prosecutors' activity. Prosecutorial investigations conducted in 2013 revealed over 11,000 violations in the business protection sphere. Some 2,500 unreasonably planned inspections of business subjects were halted.

Some 997 illegal acts affecting the rights of entrepreneurs have been abolished or changed, according to the prosecutor general. The rights of over 13,000 entrepreneurs were protected. Various charges were brought against 1,220 people.

Earlier, President Nursultan Nazarbayev warned that a number of state bodies can be dissolved for unreasonable business inspection.

"Small and medium-sized business is respect for property. Anyone who does not see the prospects in this sphere in the country is just blind and stupid. One official, who slips his hands into the pocket of business, is not just a corrupter, but the enemy of the country.

The development of business requires not just words, but other attitudes. All ministries are being checked," the president said during a teleconference on the launch of facilities of the Kazakh Industrialization Map. "There will be such a situation that I will decide to dissolve some inspection organizations in Kazakhstan."

The president has demanded a large-scale revision of the country's legislation for the abolition of the rules that hamper the development of small and medium business in Kazakhstan.

The president proposed to publicize the names of those who made such illegal inspections.