YARAT Contemporary Art Space

YARAT: Make your own shadow puppet theater!

The art of shadow theater has a huge millennial history first appearing in China. Nowadays, this unique art form continues to attract more and more viewers. Heartwarming stories of love and true friendship, good and evil - all these you can see in the shadow theater.
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Unique virtual YARAT: I might be staring at infinity or backs of my own eyelids [PHOTO/VIDEO]

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is pleased to announce the group exhibition "I Might Be Staring at Infinity (or the backs of my own eyelids)" at Virtual ARTIM Project Space with works by Leyli Ahmadova, Murad Akbarli, Aghababa Baghirov, Natig Asgar, Kateryna Bortsova, You Open a Box (Art Collective), Joshua Dyson, Lukasz Horbow, Laura Ige, Nathan M. Collis, Martina Morger, Rehan Miskci, Forough Noei,
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