Claude Salhani

The Middle East conflict in 1,001 easy lessons

To an outsider, the Middle East has always been somewhat confusing, and with good reason. The region seems to be in perpetual turmoil, constant anger and increasing hate and growing violence. Recently, the perpetual anger, hate and violence have taken the region to a dimension of new horror. What exactly seems to be the issue in the Middle East? Well in very simple terms it’s like this:
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Turkey and US are drifting apart

Ankara and Washington are no longer the staunch allies they once were. All throughout the Cold War Washington, and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization shared the same threats emanating from the Eastern Bloc. But the changing times and changing threats, along with the changing geopolitical map of the region has set Washington and Ankara on separate ways.
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Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations?

Some scholars insist that’s world events of the past decades–– the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan war between the West and Al-Qaeda, and more recently the war between the West and the Islamic Caliphate––and the acts of terrorism practice by a very particular extremist and violent branch of Islam – amount to a clash of civilizations.
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