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Huge renewal ongoing in Turkish Armed Forces inventory

18 April 2024 18:37 (UTC+04:00)
Huge renewal ongoing in Turkish Armed Forces inventory

By News Centre

Some 49 modernization and procurement projects are ongoing for the vehicles and systems in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. The firepower and mobility of M60 and Leopard 2A4 tanks are being strengthened. Viper modernization is being applied to F-16 Block 40/50 aircrafts. While the service life of F-16C/D Block 40/50 aircraft has been extended to 2050, the renewal of all Preveza-class submarines continues.

Adding national weapons to its inventory one by one, Turkiye is also comprehensively modernizing the vehicles and systems in use in the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). In this context, currently, 49 modernization and purchase projects are being carried out. The main modernization works carried out in line with the needs and demands of the Land, Navy and Air Forces are as follows:

M60 tank: The first of two separate modernization projects, the M60 tank, will replace the existing fire control system with the new Volkan-M, and will also provide additional armour protection and protected crew seats to M60T tanks. The contract was signed in January 2023. Secondly, it strengthens the firepower, survivability, and mobility of M60A3 tanks. Prototype development work continues.

Leopard 2 A4 tank: The platform variant is undergoing modernization work within the scope of a contract signed in 2022. Aselsan provides the tank's fire control systems. Leopard will be further strengthened with remote-controlled weapon stations, command, control, communication, and information systems, laser warning systems, driver vision systems, active protection systems and close-range surveillance systems.

T-155 Fırtına self-propelled howitzer: The construction of the new generation T-155 continues. The original contract covers the delivery of 130 units. By the end of 2023, eight deliveries had been made. An engine for the weapon is also being developed. Inspection and acceptance activities of the prototype engine were completed 1 year ago.

ACV-15: Aselsan modernizes the ACV-15 by providing the 25 mm Nefer turret, among other systems. The 2nd Main Maintenance Factory Directorate of the Ministry of Defense carries out the repair and revision of the engines and transmissions of the vehicles.

Milden submarine project: The Navy design office is working on the country's first domestic submarine program. Construction will be carried out at Gölcük Shipyard Command. Construction of a test block will begin this year, and work on the construction of the first submarine is planned to begin in 2025.

Reis class submarine program: Hızırreis, the second submarine of the Reis project, which includes the production of 6 submarines, started on May 25, 2023. Work is carried out at Gölcük Shipyard.

Preveze class submarine: Gölcük Shipyard, whose integration and testing activities have been completed on the TCG Preveze submarine, which serves as a test environment for the early delivery of the systems, started the mid-life upgrades of TCG Sakarya in July 2022. This platform is the first submarine. Work continues to ensure that the submarine acquires modernization features. All Preveza-class submarines are planned to be modernized during maintenance and overhaul periods until 2027.

Barbaros class frigate: Turkiye is working on a mid-life modernization project focused on the sensors, weapons and battle management systems of Barbaros class frigates. Acceptance tests are currently ongoing on TCG Barbaros, the first ship to receive the upgrade.

F-16 fighter jet: There are two separate projects for the Turkish Air Force. The first of these is the procurement of the new F-16 Block 70 aircraft and the implementation of Viper modernization on existing F-16 Block 40/50 airframes in service. The second is to extend the structural service life of F-16C/D Block 40/50 aircraft currently in service until 2050 and structurally strengthen them. This project will take place in the facilities of the 1st Air Maintenance Factory Directorate.

Akıncı and Anka-S UAVs: Work continues on the supply of various types of Akıncı and Anka-S UAVs. For both projects, expanding the range via satellite is considered critical.

Hürjet: The primary goal of this project is to design and produce a single-engine, tandem-seat jet trainer aircraft with performance features that will play a critical role in training modern fighter jet pilots. Hürjet made its first flight last year.

Hürkuş-B: This program for new generation basic jet training will aim to meet the Air Force Command's need for additional training aircraft. The project, carried out under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and TAI, aims to increase the quality of war readiness training and the effectiveness of flight personnel training. The first aircraft is planned to be delivered in 2025.

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