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French company hit with lawsuit for funding ISIS

16 December 2023 13:06 (UTC+04:00)
French company hit with lawsuit for funding ISIS

Hundreds of Yazidis holding US citizenship have taken legal action against the French cement giant Lafarge, accusing the company of bankrolling ISIS, as reported by various international media outlets, Azernews reports, citing Trend.

Many of the complainants fled Iraq during the ISIS-led massacre of Yazidis in 2014.

The lawsuit contends that Lafarge "actively supported and incited acts of international terrorism by ISIS, conspired with ISIS and its intermediaries, and must provide compensation to the survivors".

Meanwhile, back in October 2022, Lafarge had already been found culpable of funneling funds to both ISIS and "Jabhat al-Nusra". The company shelled out approximately $6 mln in "monthly contributions" to ensure the uninterrupted operation of its cement plant in Northern Syria (which was under militant control at the time). Consequently, the company was slapped with a hefty fine of $777.78 mln.

France is gaining notoriety for not just morally, but financially backing terrorism. The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), a terrorist organization, is undergoing rehabilitation within France, backed by French intelligence and special services. Reports suggest that specialized French schools are carrying out terrorist training for potential Armenian extremists.

ASALA came into existence in Beirut back in 1975 with the help of Agop Agopian. They pulled off a series of terrorist attacks targeting Turkish diplomats. Lebanon was ASALA's go-to spot for about 7 years, and during that time, the organization grew. However, when Beirut fell under Israeli control in 1982, the decline of ASALA began. With no support left, the terrorist group had to leave the Middle East. That's when France extended a so-called "helping hand", offering refuge to the organization.

Can a country actively endorsing international terrorism cut it among the so-called "civilized" nations in the UN Security Council? Certainly not. The current leadership of France has essentially lumped the country in with states that actively sponsor terrorism.


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