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Japanese military conducted drill to defend remote island

19 November 2023 18:54 (UTC+04:00)
Japanese military conducted drill to defend remote island

Japan's Self-Defence Forces carried out an exercise to retake control of Tokunoshima Island (Kagoshima Prefecture), located in the southwest of the Japanese Islands in the northern Ryukyu Islands, according to The Japan Times, Azernews reports.

The manoeuvres were the conclusion of a series of 11-day 05JX national exercises aimed at demonstrating the Self-Defence Forces' readiness to defend the country's territory and its infrastructure, including nuclear power plants.

During the Tokunoshima exercise, the Japanese military had to dislodge the troops of a notional enemy occupying the island. Soldiers of the Ground Self-Defence Force landed on the island from amphibious assault vehicles launched from two ships. Other troops arrived on the island in inflatable rubber boats, and heavy equipment was delivered by hovercraft.

The Japan Times explains that Japanese authorities consider Tokunoshima Island vulnerable in the event of a conflict with the PRC. Amid Tokyo's growing tensions with Russia, China and the DPRK, as well as increased defence spending, Japan is likely to conduct military exercises more frequently and on a larger scale, the publication adds.


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