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Undersea cable laying for Sakarya gas field soon to be kicked off in Black Sea

6 October 2022 17:29 (UTC+04:00)
Undersea cable laying for Sakarya gas field soon to be kicked off in Black Sea

By Nur Banu Aras

The laying of undersea cables for the Sakarya gas field, which will supply natural gas to Turkish consumers, will start soon, Yeni Shafak reports.

While the underwater pipelaying is coming to an end, the Seven Arctic Ship, which will lay the system's 180-kilometer cables, will embark on duty this week.

Pipes to transport 540 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Black Sea are still being laid, and pipe laying continues at the bottom of the deep sea after the work done in the shallow section. Some 140 kilometers of the pipeline's 170 kilometers have been finished. Some 140 kilometers of 16-inch and 100 kilometers of 10-inch pipes have been completed.

After the pipes were laid on the deep seabed, work on installing the cord tie system, which is characterized as the intelligence of the system that would convey the gas to the buildings, began.

The operation of Seven Arctic Ship, which will install cables along the bottom of the sea for the Sakarya Gas Field, will begin this week. The system's control cord tie line will be placed on a 180-kilometer stretch. Some 40 kilometers of the line will be placed in shallow waters, while the remaining 140 kilometers will be laid on the deep sea floor.

The installation of the 30-kilometer main cord line from the sea to the Sakarya gas field wells area, as well as major seabed work, will be completed by the end of the year by Seven Arctic Ship, which has a crane capacity of 1000 t and with a length of 162 meters.

Turkiye is laying its first gas pipeline in the Black Sea, where a total of 540 billion cubic meters of natural gas has been discovered.

Efforts to bring natural gas from the Black Sea to consumers and households have gained momentum. The Filyos Natural Gas Processing Facility, where the gas will be processed on land, is being constructed while preparations on the wells are continuing at sea. Some 4,200 personnel and 16 ships, of which three are engaged in drilling, are working in the area to support the whole process.

Following its uninterrupted hydrocarbon exploration activities with high-tech ships, Turkiye discovered 540 billion cubic meters of gas in the Black Sea in the summer of 2020. While drilling activities continue for new discoveries, the country works on projects to bring more revenue with the discovered reserves to the economy.


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