Tuesday August 16 2022

Turkiye to build new highways to reduce travel time, facilitate interconnectivity among regions

16 June 2022 15:23 (UTC+04:00)
Turkiye to build new highways to reduce travel time, facilitate interconnectivity among regions

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The Turkish Transport and Infrastructure Ministry has said that tenders for the Ankara-Kirikkale-Delice, as well as for the Antalya-Alanya highways will be held on August 24-25 respectively, Yeni Shafak has reported.

In the statement, it was noted that the work for uninterrupted highway transportation is underway, adding that the economy of Kirikkale, which is the crossing point of 43 provinces, will develop with the Ankara-Kirikkale-Delice highway project.

“Ankara-Kirikkale-Delice highway is 120 kilometers, including 101 kilometers of highway and 19 kilometers of connection roads. The highway route will start from Kizilcakoy location between Karapurcek junction and Samsun road junction located on the existing Ankara Ring Road and will be connected to Kirikkale-Yozgat state highway from the north of Cerikli district. The Ankara-Kirikkale-Delice highway route is an important bridge between Marmara-Eastern Anatolia, Aegean-Black Sea, and Mediterranean-Black Sea corridors. With the highway project, freight and passenger transportation will be transferred to the eastern and northern corridors of Ankara and from there to the Middle East and Caucasus countries in a safer, faster, and more comfortable way,” the statement underlined.

It was stated that seven junctions, four tunnels, eight viaducts, and three highway service facilities are planned to be built within the scope of the project, which will reduce the current state road density between Ankara and Kirikkale.

It added that the highway project was started under the presidential decree for safe and fast transportation on the Antalya-Alanya route.

The Antalya-Alanya highway route, which will start from Serik junction, will turn east and follow the corridor at the foot of the Taurus Mountains within the borders of Serik and Manavgat districts and will end at the West junction in the north of Konakli.

The entire length of the road is 122 kilometers, with 84 kilometers of 2x3-lane motorway and 38 kilometers of 2x2-lane connector roads. The route, which has eight tunnels and 19 viaducts, runs through the districts of Serik, Manavgat, and Alanya and has seven connections.

“The Antalya-Alanya highway has been planned to serve the trade and agriculture sector in the region, while meeting the travel demands that increase due to tourism, especially in the summer months, in a fast, comfortable and safe manner. It is anticipated that the most important contribution of the Antalya-Alanya highway project to our country will be its positive impact on the development of regional tourism. With the project, it is aimed to ensure the complete safety of traffic, life, and property, as well as to ensure the transit passage of traffic from the surrounding provinces without visiting the city, and to shorten the travel time. With the realization of the highway, economic losses such as fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and repair costs, noise caused by traffic density, environmental pollution and emissions will be minimized,” Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoglu stressed.

He added that an uninterrupted highway network from west to east is the main objective of the road project.

“We are one step closer to this goal with the Ankara-Kirikkale-Delice highway and Antalya-Alanya highway project. We will continue to make the necessary infrastructure investments in a planned manner for the efforts to develop our country with investment, employment, production, and export. In this context, we announced the Transportation 2053 Vision. With the investments to be made between 2023 and 2053, we will increase the Highway Service Standards to the highest level and establish an 'uninterrupted and comfortable' transportation. By 2053, we will increase the divided road network to 38,060 kilometers and the highway network to 8,325 kilometers,” the minister emphasized.


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