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Turkey pays $12.2 billion in energy bills for its citizens

24 January 2022 16:47 (UTC+04:00)
Turkey pays $12.2 billion in energy bills for its citizens

By Nur Banu Aras

Turkey covered its citizens' 165 billion TL ($12.2 billion) energy bills in 2021, providing 2,000 TL ($148) assistance per person, Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

According to the report, citizens will receive 80 billion TL ($5.9 billion) in support for natural gas, 20 billion TL ($1.4 billion) for electricity, and 65 billion TL ($4.8 billion) for fuel in 2021, out of a total of 165 billion TL ($12.2 billion).

It is hoped that in the new period, steps will be taken to protect consumers and reduce foreign energy dependence. Turkey provided a significant subsidy to mitigate the impact of the price increase on consumers, while energy costs skyrocketed globally due to the energy crisis.

The high demand for energy resources in many countries, particularly in Europe, exacerbated the crisis. In this regard, Turkey has taken long-term steps to ensure supply security in the country; the government has subsidized a large portion of the rising energy bill.

For many years, Turkey has pursued a steadfast policy of diversifying its energy resources and ensuring supply security. It has also prioritized ensuring that consumers are not adversely affected by the current crisis.

Costs were kept low and fewer bills were paid in accordance with the transition to a gradual tariff in electricity. The gradual tariff, enacted at the start of the year, kept unit prices low, allowing citizens who consumed less to pay fewer bills.

Simultaneously, it is planned to switch to a gradual tariff for natural gas, another important energy source, in the near future. The amount of aid will be determined in this context based on the regions in the provinces under different seasonal conditions.

It was also stated that work is being done to implement a gradual tariff on natural gas. Furthermore, coal subsidies for low-income citizens will now be provided as a natural gas substitute.

In the new period, there will be 50 percent support for natural gas and 25 percent support for electricity. The total amount of assistance to be provided will be 100 billion TL ($7.4 billion). 2.1 million households received electricity consumption assistance of up to 150 kilowatt-hours (kWh). In 2022, support for low-income households will continue for energy costs.


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