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Feel fantastic from Fenwick's fitness

6 August 2013 09:08 (UTC+04:00)
Feel fantastic from Fenwick's fitness

B.S. /Hons

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I hope that you are having a great day so far. We have had beautiful weather here in Baku and I am starting to fall in love with this city. When you finish with this workout you will be dripping with sweat and feel that natural high that comes after exercising. I have done this workout lots of times and like the fact that it took me only 21 minutes and 44 seconds to complete the workout. After the workout I did my stretching routine which I will share with you in my following articles.

Enjoy this workout and let me know how you did!

Make it happen!!


Go through all of the following exercises and then repeat one more time. Try to complete these two rounds in the shortest amount of time possible.

30 Walking Lunges

15 Squats - Keep your chest high, shoulders down and back, and abs tight. Don't let your knees go over your toes keep them from turning inwards. Your toes are pointed slightly out.

30 Side Lunges - When you lunge sideways, try to get your thigh parallel to the ground and don't let your knee go over your toes. Keep your chest up and abs tight.

50 Mountain Climbers - Get into the starting position, and then jump with your legs to switch them. Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders. Keep your abs tight.

15 Push Ups - Now is your chance to give regular push-ups on your toes a try.

30 Step Ups - Choose an elevated surface that will allow you to get your thigh parallel to the ground when you place your foot up on it. This exercise is great for shaping your legs and butt, but it can be hard on your knees if you have problems with them.

30 Backward Lunges - Lunge back and be careful to stop the movement before your back knee touches the ground. It happened to me many times before and it is not pleasant to hit your knee against the floor, so I am now very careful when I do this exercise.

15 x Plank and Rows - Start by standing tall, then squat down and jump back into a plank position. Grab your weight with one hand and do a single row. Then do the same with the other arm. Jump with your feet forward to get in the squat position, grab your weights, and drive up pushing the weights over your head. This counts as 1 rep.

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